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Hi And Blessings (Playwright)


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Hi. God bless you all. I'm born again in the Lord. I've been writing short stories and plays for a little over a decade. Nothing published.



I was here years ago. I mainly addressed the occult presence in our society and media. While I still believe that it is real, the Lord told me to put that down and I've grown a lot since then. I got discouraged and I stopped logging on. I can't remember if somehow my name was erased. But here I am again with a somewhat modified version of the name. I'm looking for some guidance and it's particularly humbling to ask because of my situation. I'm here hoping to get some good, practical, godly and compassionate guidance about life and career.



(Decided to edit my original statement)




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Welcome LZR! Glad you are back. Among fellow Christian brothers and sisters one thing is we will never turn our back on someone who is in need.



Aside from writing advice, I have found fellowship here amazing and can’t say enough good to everyone here who has offered their help and prayer. My walk with God has grown because of CW.



You are in good company here. ;)



God Bless you and your journey with Him

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Welcome back. Glad you decided to rejoin us. You may not get the answers here you need since this forum is for introducing oneself. You might want to post something in the open forum or as a prayer request. One thought: you might want to take a job that is not exactly to your liking in waiting for the one you do like. I hope you are surrounding yourself with other Christians for spiritual support. Go to any of the artsy places and see if they have openings in any area. That could be your way in and you could work your way up. Will be praying for you.

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I am glad that you were so honest in your post. I understand so much of what you wrote, having been in a destructive cult 25 years ago. I have journeyed through many valleys and gotten through because of the faithfulness of the Lord. You will too. I am hoping to write about my experience, to educate and to show that God is Love, and Love never fails.



Everyone here is very helpful, willing to answer questions, encourage, and lift up, as we all write, one word at a time. :) Happy day to you. Keep coming back!




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