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Walmart Or Grocery Store? What's Your Opinion?


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I'm a newbie to this site. :)



I am writing a book called No More "No, Lord. The subtitle that I would like to use is: Saying "Yes" to God Even at Walmart. My second choice is to use: Saying "Yes" to God Even at the Grocery Store. I'm not sure if Walmart will allow me to use their name. The point of the book is that I am always listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit wherever I go.



Three years ago I told the Holy Spirit I would no longer say "no" to His promptings to share, and it's been the most incredible three years of my life. I'm having such fun! He often has me express His love, and then share simple words or knowledge or prophetic words of encouragement. Sometimes I'll pray for people for healing or pray blessings over their life, or share a little of my own story. It really varies as to what I sense the Lord is doing in their lives. Living a listening, "Yes, Lord!" lifestyle has given me freedom like I never dreamed possible. Formulas and a list of memorized verses are a thing of the past, and I'm thrilled because those never went very far or felt very real. People no longer feel like projects, but rather beloved children who the Lord wants to encourage or draw into His arms.



Thank you.

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Welcome to our writing family. Glad you joined us. Sorry. I had to remove your questions. You can hop over to the writers forum and post your questions. You'll get much better answers there and Meet and Greet is just for introducing oneself. Be sure to check out the FAQ to see how things run around here. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing! :D

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Hi Julie, Welcome to this site. I admire your courage to tell others of God's good news. I am always "prepared" like the scripture says, but I am not brave enough to approach other people first. May God continue to bless you as you share God's love with everyone in your world.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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