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Lover Of My Soul....my Book

Guest Stella Nicholls

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Guest Stella Nicholls

Hello :)



I'm new to this site, or anything like this, so please forgive me in advance if I appear as green as I feel.



I am a writer, have been writing since I was a teenager and have recently finished writing my story.



I have had a few people read my completed manuscript, from different walks of life, trying to get a varied



opinion as to whether my book is worthy of being published or not.



They have all come back with the same opinion, that it was compelling reading and they could not



put it down.



I guess I sound like every hopeful, wannabe Christian author, in that I would love to get this published.



I have realised that it is not that simple or easy to get noticed in this area, so wondered if starting a



blog and perhaps putting up a chapter for people to read and assess my work would be a way



to get honest feedback and perhaps get people interested in wanting to know what happens next.



I'm not sure if I'm in the right place....please do tell me if I am totally off the mark and I will



gracefully and quietly withdraw ;)



Stella Nicholls aka BeanyBean



Writer....Lover of My Soul

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First off, yes, you're in the right place and welcome to CW. And congratulations on finishing the book. What you do now is completely up to you; and, yes that's very very very scary. But, at least you're headed in the right direction.



Don't forget to see the FAQ to see how we work around here. We have lots of people in the know and they are willing to give advice.



You didn't say but is your book fiction or non-fiction?



At any rate, God bless you in your efforts for him.

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Welcome to our writing family. Glad you joined us. Whatever questions you have, the best place to get answers is in the writing forum. Be sure to check out the FAQ to see how things run around here. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!

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Guest Stella Nicholls

Thank you for your welcoming messages :)



My book is non fiction as it is my life story (so far). I have managed to write it as a story, so it does flow just like a fictional book would, some of the names have been



changed for privacy reasons, but I have kept it as close to the truth as I dared. This is my testimony, it hasn't been easy to write, but then my life hasn't



been the easiest either. I wanted to glorify God in my writing, I hope I have managed to do just that.



I will take a look at the FAQ's to see how things work, and will then hopefully have more of an idea as to where to go from there.



Will be back soon:)

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Guest Stella Nicholls

Do not be anxious about anything but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phill 4:6



.......Feeling happy to be here, slightly overwhelmed....information overload for today....be back tomorrow to read some more.....

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