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Hi, I am a Christian author, I write Christian Fantasy/Adventure Novels. My most recent book is DragonKnights (Protectors of the Realm). I am also looking to pick up a few magazine leads where I can submit Christian articles. I have a unique style of writing that combines fantasy, sci fi type adventures with Christian truths. If we are to believe that God is the Creator of all we see and do, then He is also the God of the Fantastic, and even imaginary realms can produce sound Christian doctrine- much like the parables that Jesus Christ used to teach with.

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My book is at smashwords.com right now. It is an ebook, but I have recently converted it to a hard copy and am waiting on the proof. Smashwords.com can be accessed for free and 25% of the book can be viewed there. I self-published, created the cover design, and illustrated the book. Here is the link to access my book at smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/133164. Once my book is published as a hard copy it will be on Amazon. I self published through create space, which is an affiliate of Amazon.

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