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Hi Christian Writers,



I am a complete newbie at posting things online. So forgive me if I don't know the rules. I have been writing a novel for teens for a while. I am currently unemployed, so I have time to check out all the online resources for new writers and I found this website. I am trying to do research for my book: to see what other teen fiction is out there. I really haven't found any published Christian teen fiction. So if you have read any, please let me know.

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Thanks, Tamara. I also checked out your advice on Christian Speculative Fiction and found Good Reads. I went through over 200 books so far and only 1 was similar to my current WIP. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with a newbie like me!



I guess what I meant about 'not finding Christian teen fiction out there' is that there wasn't very much at my small rural local library in NE PA. I realize that there are lots at bookstores, but I'm looking for modern Christian teen fiction that won awards. One of my favorite books as a teen was "A Wrinkle in Time."



My WIP is not sci fi. It's based in modern times in NE PA, but my MC has dreams that reveal what God's will is for her life so it does have a little paranormal in it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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