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Poetry Challenge 2013

Keith Wallis

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Guest Uncutobedience

The colour of hope



like a drop of rain



you must look through



instead of just to



The hue of hope



its depths are beyond



what the eye can see



in its layers of beauty



The value of hope



unmatched intensity



awakening, inspiring



a decision to proceed



The colour of hope



like a drop of rain



seemingly small



yet all the colors contained

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Guest Uncutobedience

The drop that hits the ground, you see



was most touched by one ray not three



Its colour is then determined by Thee



who saw is last in form that flees



So each are made with all sorts of hues



And moulded just so, so each may choose



Direction and faith and right to refuse



Or acceptance of the Light infuse



The color of its fleeting tale



In some is bright and in others is pale



Yet, all will stand and none curtail



The ray most touched and how it impaled

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Guest Paul Ott

Endless blue oceans



Your depths, your eyes



Lost in a swirling dream



My ego drowns, it dies



Clocks, curtains, songs



Slow, fade, then cease



Sailing our open seas



Waves of love, of peace

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Autumn drips its colours;



red and gold carpetting the ground



for the coming of the King



and the bright enthusiasm



of nativity.



We grow grey and dark



before the dawning



of the daystar



and the promise



of a brighter eternity.

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God's creation, foaming sea,



Turquoise waves break round 'bout me,



Brilliant strand, feet on soft sand,



Sunlit days twixt sea and land,



Swim and run, skin kissed by rays,



Watching schools of fish at play,



Thankful am I God to thee,



For this place, a gift for free.

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Sometimes my emotions get out of control,



I stir up a red cauldron of trouble.



Maybe tears stream down my face,



maybe my anger gets the world on my case,



maybe I'm just one big question mark,



maybe I'll just write about it.

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Guest StephEck

Green, the colour of Spring...



I look out my window longing, hoping



for winter to pass.



The days are so cold



and I wonder how long will it be until I see some grass?

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Guest teban49

Midnight stars light the sky



Shining, glistening,



Glowing stars, blue-white gems,



Sparkling, twinkling in my eyes;



Now I see one star, more bright



A star that swiftly passes



Comet or meteor? Oh, a satellite.

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