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Poetry Challenge 2013

Keith Wallis

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Guest bjack

Two amber eyes



In a body of grey



Our Zach cat



Is handsome indeed.



Cici is black



with a white chest patch



And the greenest eyes



You've ever seen.



Pets are part of us



That's for sure



Like family members



With special privilege



to be naughty



and get away with it!

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A murky conglomerate



coagulates in the pipework,



the drain rods stir their



odorous, ponderous, travel.



Then 'comforted' by penetration



the browns and greys



become whitewater rapids



in their flight.



Nothing escapes poetry.

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Guest carmey




Leaving his mom, not knowing what is going on



a little ball of fur, sitting in a car






He's handed to me our eyes meet, one blue, one brown



the look he gives me is so sweet! So to a new home he goes,



not knowing what is in store(we did put in a new doggie door!)



Sometimes he gets to go, sometime he has to stay,



so in that yard as he watches me drive away






When I am sick or sad and my head hurts so bad, he lays by my feet and watches me and






When live gets busy and things get hectic, thru the holidays, and birthday and even when



I am grumpy or a skeptic,






He's always there, with unconditional love, Gods love gift to me sent from above.



Even now that my old boy's face is gray, and his body is sick and dying--



he look at me and worries about all of my crying.



So when his time comes and he goes to that better place,, and sits by those beautiful gates,



I know in my heart for me






FOR KICKER-1996-2009

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Guest melody-mae




the sun shines through the blinds



pulling at my eyelids



tugging at them, to open.



slowly, very slowly



I open my eyes.



welcoming the new day;



I am thankful.



the sun is shining



all bright, shiny and yellow



in the sky so high



the birds chirp



their silly songs.



the flowers with



their bright, colorful blooms



seem to smile,



calling me to come to the garden.



Each day, is a gift



a treasure;



to open and enjoy.



It is another chance.



a new beginning;



to shine our light into the world.



Melody Olson

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Guest AnointedVoiceofGodWithin35




Red is the Blood



Hear me if you could



Fire if you can



Wings like an eagle



Igniting the color



Not drawing back



In my mind with the color

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Black and white



Black is the absence of colour,



the deep well of a cave



dangerous, concealed.



White is the blossom of colours entwined



plaited and strong.



That's why black is seen as evil,



as hard shadows and a cloak of hiding.



White is the essence of holiness



light and vulnerable tenderness.

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Guest 0704MO

Green I see



as through my window I gaze.



Trees, that never change,



standing tall in all seasons,



evergreen, reminding me



that God's alright with routine.

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I stand decked for the day



barely believing



hardly breathing.



The blossoms strewn in the way



softly covering



sweetly singing.



The enchanted begins to play



music hovering



organdy covering.



Smoky burgundy gown so gay



Eyes loving



vows coming.

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Dainty pink grass flowers



Survived the scorches



Of yesterday's blazing sun,



Hoping today's grey cloud shields



Would provide soothing sunscreen.

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Her skin became as pallid



As the barren pasty wall,



While life's final ballad,



Had given death its call.



She looked upon her mother,



With a thought provoking smile.



Cornsilk had always been her color,



She'll have it for a while.

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