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Poetry Challenge 2013

Keith Wallis

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Hear the whippoorwill



or swan song



flutter by



as butterfly and firefly






‘tween night and day



and winter passings pass



while pink and white



arborous blossoms



once leaves



swarmed by bees



in orchestrated hummings






“Spring is coming!”



“Spring is coming!”

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Guest bjack




when my raucous-red laptop



languished in the brown shop



fighting a yellow virus



or other pea-green anomaly.



Pink is my grateful smile



when this fix was easy



and she's sparkly and glittery !thumbsup!



back home where she belongs.



Pearly white smile :rolleyes: as I greet



my poetry buddies who have



wept warped tears :mad:



darkly missing my presence. (I hope!)




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Guest bjack




The joy



Of flower-shop shopping



Showered my senses



With kaleidoscopic









I transport



Treasured trophies



Tumbling from my



Trusted rusted



Wheelbarrow to









Promises of



Tomorrows when



My cutting garden



Blesses others with



Bright bouquets of



Blooms and bows



Layers of lavender,



Lilies, roses and herbs



To say, I love you.

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Oops! Let's pretend I follow the next. :P



Eau de Toilette



With eyes emaciated,



windblown and scattered,


flushed with saltwater,



and resembling those of Elijah’s servant


paralyzed in gaze,



opened to perplexing elements,


spiritual made common



and more with than against,


I adhered a tinge of lavender



slightly drifting


on an easterly breeze



crossing the Pacific


hitting land



and, I suppose,



spewed with surprise,


I was similar to him



when revelation came



as a sweet smelling Savior.

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Guest bjack

shamrock green



is often seen



in March around this time



with cloverlike leaves



In groups of threes



Contribute to this Irish rhyme.



There once was a lady in Eire



Whose life it was said had transpired



She said she was done



That life had been fun



And she hoped that she'd lived to inspire.



I know it's not much of a limerick



And as a poem it's minimick



St. Paddy it honors



And all the O'Connors



Who claim to be Irish or mimic it.

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Guest bjack




Kaley's little tee shirt



Announcing she'll be



A big sister!



Granddaughter tells



A great story today.



And we're thrilled.

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The rain fell in a heavy fashion, sluggishly, the



splashes had edges. It was almost but not quite snow or ice, but close. I was



hesitant to leave my warm home, I had something I was into; my mind was



somewhere else, but the errands wouldn’t wait, I had to go.



I stepped into the day



it was gray!

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Guest Paul Ott

Nisan Moon



Aglow with shades of peach



A backdrop of royal blue



Framed by towers of pine



Affixed for all to view



A sliver of silver smiles



Birth of the new year



The blood passes over



Golden life draws near

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Guest bjack

As if magnet-drawn,



Birds descended



On hanging dishes



Filled with new seed.



Dashing red cardinals



Dressed for spring flings



Led the entourage



With cheeps and wild bacchanals



Flitting here, dashing there



Calling undue attention to their revels.



Their dowdy mates



Were no less vocal



But let their voices



Do their bidding



"Do come join me, dear"



They flirted,



Swinging on the newly leaved



Bastard indigo



Just springing into bloom.



While I, sipping cranberry tea,



Watched their antics



Listening as merry melodies



Wrote symphonies to my



Latest investment in birdseed.




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Rejoicing triumphs of the friend for whom the angels sing,








a bright and golden glow ascends the azure blue of spring








tiptoeing first on purple peaks with streams of luminance








that catacombs of snow should melt into the seed of dance.




















Transforming mellow sounds of pause in daffodil domains,








a princely breeze of fruitfulness sets free the grassy plains








in longing warmth of nightingale and joyful sparrow songs





that pass beyond the pearly gates to where the soul belongs.


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Guest bjack

For Good Friday:



This black day



When evil sin



Holds full sway



Against the true



Pure innocence



Of the Christ, the Son of God. Rich royal red blood



Oozes, then flows from slashed scourge marks striping



His bared back, and deep punctures from the sharp plaited,



Twisted thorns of the mocking crown thrust down, piercing



His kingly brow



In rash derision.



Then crucifixion.



Prophecy said



It and History



Proved it truth:



The Pascal Lamb



Led to slaughter



Chose to atone--



A living, loving



Sacrifice for our



Black sin so that



Our Redeemer



Transforms and



Restores and



Resurrects the



Original beauty



Of God with us



For eternity.




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Guest Paul Ott

Bodies balance blossoms



Toes sunk into sand



Dark green giggles



Spring upon the land



[Even when I do a short one I still want to edit, edit, edit. Must. Resist. Urge.]

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Guest carmey

The mountains that I see out my window, give me such an awe of God



the great hills, the beautiful trees, brings me to my knees



and when the sun hits them just right, they glow and gleam



purple against the blue skylight!

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Guest bjack

The garden revives



Following days of rain



Irridescent spring green



Ferns unravel fiddleheads,



Pushing relentlessly toward



Yellow sun's pull



Defying the gravity



Which grounds



Mere mortals.



Soon merry buds



Will open shiny



Lavender faces



To contrast with



Roses' tight buds,



But all will in concert



Stretch toward the



Bright blue sky



Beckoning them






One day



We too will ascend



Toward heaven's



Magnetic goal,



And we too will



Understand what



Defying gravity







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Guest bjack

April 15 is here again



When citizens see green dollars go



To fund the future, the present, the past



According to Congress's will.



Past debts never disappear



They just grow and grow and expand



So present day ills just get ignored



And future hopes are just dreams.



America's generous and kind at heart



And really tries to do everything



Some budgeting's needed to make a plan



So drowning in debt doesn't keep us from good things.



Let's hope when our money finally arrives



In Washington's coffers this year



That more will be spent on good things for all



Than sending it elsewhere just debts to repay.




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May has brought a blue sky



small sailing clouds



and the promise of Summer.



The sound of grass mowers



fresh from hibernation



and needing oil



cuts through the air



like broken glass.



Trowels at the ready



greenfingered squadrons



bombard the borders



and herald the cries






'Oh, my aching back'.

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Guest bjack

Blessing birthday bouquet



Scavenged from my blooming beds



Pink and blue palette



Used roses, sage, snapdragons



And Lady-in-the boat



To say, "Best to you



On your special day,



Sweet Emily.




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Blue yesterday, Grey today;



silver missiles striking the earth



with splashes,



lashes of a rainy whip



and the trickle of mud.



No sunbathing this morning,



the tanning of rust



continues on the shed roof.

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Black coat



Chocolate drop eyes



White blaze on his chest



Smokey was the best



Never knew I could love . . .



Never knew I could miss . . .



Never knew I could mourn



An animal this much.



But mourning I am.



Blurry eyes swim



In front of the computer screen.

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