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Poetry Challenge 2013

Keith Wallis

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February 4:



Striated ribbons



Decorate the skyline



In iridescence and spendor



Each cloud a color-filled canvas



Each sunray light's briliant illumination



From the Master Designer's infinte paintbox



Sharing multicolored rainbows' promises for another day.

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Blossoms buddin’



spring is comin’



they are busy



busy buzzin’



through the gardens



they are strummin’



over flowers



cute as buttons



legs are danglin’



legs are struttin’



through some pollen



they’re like gluttons



for the honey



or some somethin’



that might make ‘em



stingers stunnin’



for a queen bee



kissin’ cousins



black and yellow



they go hummin’.

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Like ghostly galleons



Cruising the grey-tinged waves



Moon's shadows ply their spectral shades



Across the pond's ripples reflecting silvered shimmers



Of sentinel pines keeping night-watch. Morning gives chase and conquers.




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On a whimsy



far and wide



a princess seeks



to be a bride



with platinum dreams



a stallion ride



a prince of valor



by her side



they walk the aisle



stride in stride



of registry



both true and tried



where riches call



Don’t be denied



and kingdoms fall



for sense of pride



that His Forever



does apply



to storm the castle!




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My raspberry cranberry door



Newly painted



Starkly present






To faded grey-green walls



Bleached by Florida's






Welcomes those



Who can't miss



Its new presence.

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….........set free



…………..skipping o’er



…………….heavenly mounds



……………of predestined steeps



…………trodden by a shepherd



……..his rod and staff directs them



…….in unison across the sky



….as sun makes them a canvas



......of pure reflection, white



.........shimmering with light



………....of silky sweet






……………………found in




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out into its






Searching through



blue's wideness to touch



another piece of universe's



enveloping embrace where it



fulfils its purpose to beautify the



landscape and glorify God's world.

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Joy in your heart. Joy in your soul.


It's brilliant light that makes you whole.


This muse, that shines from deep within,


saves man from heartache, pain and sin.


What lights this world? I think I know!


It shines down from the heavens


though it's neither starlight


moon, nor sun and has an


amber kind of glow


that touches each


and every-




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Glistening diamonds



Brilliance personified



As sun illuminates each



Prismed surface after



Seasonal snow falls.



Imagine the creator's



Genius using only



Pristine white's palette



That each snowflake



Is unique, as we are!




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Reds, Greens, and Blues



Take on new significance



I've noticed,



When strung on a harp



Gently played on a



Rainy Valentine afternoon.



So it is:



Played in harmony



Each of our colors



Enriches and beautifies



Our world's melody



Gracing each other



With alike significance



When played by the







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Chartreuse geckos





gila monsters





lizards on the prowl










before man





komodo dragon










get a glimpse





of what it’s like





to be Neanderthal





turtles, snakes










backwards years










are reptiles one and all.


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Here's a remake of a song I wrote quite a few years ago. !thumbsup!


Lilac Sky (Song)














Humming bird speed wings of music,






flap their notes with scents of roses,


Fly your dreams as swift as you can ...


Take us back to yester pageant,








tambourine songs greeting Moses,


Dancing joyfully as he sang


in la-la-la lilac sky.


Bumble bee send words of good news,


strum them soft across our heart strings,


Lift your peace unto all nations ...


Whisk us off to fragrant deserts,






happy garden Babylon swings,


Breezy are the days of laughter


in la-la-la lilac sky.


Butterfly float shades of color,


brush them soft on pastel flowers,


Touch our souls with angel's whisper ...


Swoop us up in jubilation,






God's compassion falls like showers,


We are happy to be with Him


in la-la-la lilac sky.


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All around cold and heavy looming clouds



gray drops are freezing as they fall so drear



"Hey, no comfort here."



whispers the KY. wind, with an insidious chilling tone.



My afghan beacons as I turn that way,



its warmth I'll find and maybe some cheer



"Hey, there's comfort here"



I sing as I hug myself barring the cold from my bone.

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Sparrows, finches, threshes, quail,





camouflaged in winter’s swell



of decaying branches, twigs, and leaves





ripped from windblown,



ragged trees,





rummage through













in particular,








abreast the rest





more low,





but much more the dangerous



as, on its lofty perch,





a crow peers











into a mother lode





of spring.


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Old Barn



Beside the farm house



dressed Victorian,



a peasant’s glove



worn, torn, and battered



by many years



worked hard



in scorching sun



and thrashing rain,



painted and repainted again



rustic red,



milked the cow and delivered foals in spring



and nurtured them through maturity



‘til death,



hung a horse’s tack or two



on lofty loft posts



laden with hay,



and sheltered many a weary cowboy



passing chill of night,



extends its welcome hand today



to every generation



slightly skewed from upright,



stay a pillar of strength.

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