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Poetry Challenge 2013

Keith Wallis

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Time for a new challenge - are you up for it ?



The challenge has been to think a challenge up ! I'll leave the 2012 haiku challenge up for those who want to carry on with it.



This years challenge is COLOUR (or COLOR if you have to). Any colour and in as vague connection or as wierd a colour as you like. The only rule is you CAN'T use the colour which was used in the previous poem.



I'll start with blue - add your hue to the rainbow as we go along.






Mussel shells



in cacophony



when the tide has gone



singing their blues



with drying lips



and a thirst



for salty tears.

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Guest Lorrie

Once More



Red breasted brother



hopping and searching



wintry backyards



later than he should



longing for the voice



of beloved sister lost



to a trespassing cat

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The colour of corn,



blonde and glistering in the sunlight:



drawing energy in golden dawn



drawing mystery in lazy dusk,



your hair charms me.



Sorceress of emotion



casting spells in wave and curl



cascading over your shoulder



I fall to the tsunami



of passion.

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There you sit



on your pedestal









my ideas of heaven



like a rabbit



with its lettuce






eyes wide



immune to revelation



your pride






and hard as brick

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Guest Paul Ott

Shimmering dust



Across dark of night






By aurora delight



Heaven hums



Emerald bright



Green flames



In angelic flight



Vision dissipates into



Verdant twilight

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The morning wakes



with a yashmak across its face.



Alluring, secretive, promising



a tinge of a smile



in concealment.



The grey wash of fog



slowly undressing,



dancing its seven veils, revealing.



God brings out the water colours.

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Celestial blue sapphires,


set in buttercream meadows,


softer than velvet,


and infinite as those starry heavens


by which they came,


curl the bubblegum lip


and grasp a newborn grip


around the most juvenile of perceptions,


“This could be my Father.”

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The jewel most semi-precious



has a hardness of its own



it has no reflective gleam



just a cold heart of stone



the grandeur of its color



dipped from a deep lagoon



warmed by a summer sky



before the coming of the moon



births turquoise



a shade sure to hypnotize



and form itself so notable



in my grandchild’s eyes!

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Hung out to dry



bound and bundled



with necks firmly taut






as they’re most beautiful






and death becomes them



while their guillotined heads



fall keepsake



into a thick fragrant rose




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At dawn,



a midnight slice of periwinkle



splashes winter’s murky raincoat









though other weary luminaries



have long dwindled into slumber,



moon’s portal loiters,



full face, peaking in and out



the melancholy day.

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Itsy-bitsy bits of glitz,









dolled-up, snazzy,



modern, jazzy,






posh and sassy,



very-very swank



and classy,



showing much pizzazz



is the heart



my little one has



sparkling love with glitter.

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Puckery delicious



a hand-held treat



a cool refreshment



not pretending to be sweet



From the citrus world



best when well squeezed



brought gently to the lips



your tongue will be pleased



by lime!

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Guest Paul Ott

Please no weaving



through the trees



leaving.us chills.



Why do you tease,



pretending now to stay



while still away you ease?



Strawberry strands sundip



this spectator who sees



the daily dance at dusk



through the trees.

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Terriic toddler in



polka dots and stripes



As complex as all nature



In multi-hued Pollack-like display



But amid the racing patterns her eyes



Shine through with their true blue essence.

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I will never forget your eyes that day



a secret was being caged



usually sparkling a crystal blue



they were dark







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