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The Rapture Is Now Imminent!

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Why do I want to write? Because I have always loved writing - but more important -- it has become a ministry for me in reaching out to people, sharing Jesus, and that all prophesies have come to pass dthat had to happen before the Rapture could and would come! I grew up with a very loving family. However, I didn't know that to make Heaven, you MUST be born-again! I got saved on a street corner with my Army buddy in downtown Oakland, California. Today I have a special for all our young people in the military. The ministry that Jesus have given me is 3-fold: Singing for Him, Writing for Him, and a loving reaching out to people to be saved by Jesus! Amen! I am very creative in these ministries. I have written a few songs while worshipping Jesus at my piano and organ. The Lord placed me in a professional recording studio in Hollywood where Bill Franks and hi recforded 8 songs that he wrote: the title song for the album is: America, It's Surely Time to Pray! Yes, Jesus is coming! I have sung for Him ever since He entered my heart. I am from Boise; I also lived 18 years in Los Angeles: singing on live radio every week in Angeles Temple. Also I sang in the great Kathryn Kuhlman choir where I saw dear ones healed by Jesus! It was so powerful! I also sang for many chapters of the Full Gospel Businessmen all over L.A.



Writing for my Lord is such a blessing! I cfan be at my computer with a Spirit-filled ministry on televiswion. I hear the preacher say something that strike my spirit, and I am writing about this immediately.l All glory to Jesus! I have not yet written a book. That may yet fome about. I am delivered by Jesus of homosexuality! I neber llived that life. Even so, I had it. I did not know why, or what it really was. Now I DO! fOR THE lORD SHOWED ME IT IS CAUSED BY A DEMON. I AM ALWAYS KEEPING MY EYES OPEN WHEN OUT IN THE PUBLIC. iT IS SO SAD THAT THEY THINKI THEY WERE BORN GAY. wE WHO KNOW jESUS KNOW THIS IS NEVER TRUE! iT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT SIN SOMEONE HAS, jESUS WILOL SET THEM FREE WHEN THEY CALL OUT TO hIM. mY MINISTRY IS NOT JUST ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY. I JUST LOVE PEOPLE.



Writing: I WRITE JUST ABOUT EVERY DAY: OFTENTIMES TO FRIENDS g gOD HAS GIVEN TO MEOVE THE YEARS. I also send them recordings of my songs. One friende lives in South Carolina. l We were in the Army together. Dwight is a good guy. We had not seen one another in over 40 years when I flew down to see him! Was he ever surprised! My lady friend, Sharon, lives in Phoenix. I recently flew down from Boise, stayed with Shaon in her new home, and sang in Concert for her Assembly of God Church.



Well, I guss I best end this for today. One more thing: Several yar ago I was in contac with Christian Writers.com. You had weekly writing contests: and the winner would receive money for what he wrote. Are there still going these weely condtests?



Sincerelly now, I am just Broher Bob Bateman, who serves Jesus with Joy! I will be 72 on July 25th. I do not look it, praise God! I look forward to hearing from all of youmembers, especially those who have been set free from Homosexualitiy. We x-gays must share with them how Jesus set us free! Religion can not do this, but Jesus can and He does!!! I am living proof of it. Love, Brother

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Hi Ann. I am not sure if I found your nice reply to mel It says: Blessings, and welcome to the family of Christian Writers. -- I was a member several years ago, when I had no computer, so I used our Boise Public Library. This is my 3rd computer and first one that is not a used one! I love Jesus, and have sung for Him since I was saved 49 years ago. I guess you read my testimony, or didn't you? Let me know. I write mostly about how close we are to the Rapture! Exciting news: -- JESUS IS ABOUT TO TAKE US TO HEAVEN: THE DEAD IN CHRISTD] FIRST, THEN IMMEDIATELY WE WHO ARE ALIVE STILL AND SERVING JESUS, HE TAKES ALL OF US TO HEAVEN! Just my brother, sister, and I are the left over Batemans of our family. I was born in Billings, Montana: July 25, 1942. -- If I had your home address, I could send you my own Christian cards I make. Also I could send a CD of my singing: including my Hollywood Album of "America, It's Surely Time to Pray"! God bless you dearly, Anne. I will pray for you; hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Bob Bateman in Boise!

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