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Hi My Name Is Dean

Guest phoenix

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Guest phoenix

I'm a 24 year old man, living in the west Ireland at present, but oringinally born and from London, England. I've a passion for travelling, giving advice and music, but my main passion is writing.



I've been writing on and off all my life, but taking it a lot more seriously in the last few years. My areas of writing are mainly in the short quote, advice and random thoughts, but of late I have begun to focus a lot on short and long poems. I've grown a large collection of quotes, advice, thoughts and even poetry and I have begun to think about takign my writing to the next level or to publish, my problem is not knowing if my work is good enough or would appeal to the world outside friends. I write a lot of stuff up on Facebook and also have a sperate page that I've tried to encourage other writers on Facebook to use but my main feedback is still from friends and family.



I'm thinking that by joining this site I can share some of my work , getting outside opinions and thoughts on it, maybe even find someone that might want to help me sell and publish. My goal isn't to be world famous and a millionaire, but to maybe be able to help change the way people see things in the world and act, this is my big dream, at the same time I'd equally be happy if I got only published once and only sold a few copies, but in them few copies help change the way one or two people thought an acted, I'd know I'd achieved something great.



Any how anythign else you'd like to know and ask, go straight for it. I'm open and honest and wil answer anything ask to me by anyone, I'm very friendly and easy going, hope to make some friends and meet new people over the coming time.






Your new friend




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