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Prairie Lighthouse

Guest GayleLarsonSchuck

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Guest GayleLarsonSchuck

The Prairie Lighthouse Project was a plan to unit the churches of our state to be lit and open on New Year's Eve 1999 as we went into the new millennium. A lot of denominations participated and a lot of churches across the state were open for the once in a life time event. I like to think they were like prairie lighthouses, lighting the way to the hope we have in Christ. I could imagine that God smiled down on our state that night and said, "Look, little North Dakota is all lit up for Me!"



After the project was completed, I moved on with my life. However, a few years later I wrote a book about a fictional young pastor and the prairie churches under his care. A lot of my material came from real life stories. In September 2013 "By the Banks of Cottonwood Creek" was published as an ebook on Smashwords and Kindle.



In the past two years, western North Dakota has been changed by the oil boom. The map is no longer dotted with sleepy little cowboy, but oil derricks. The towns resemble a modern-day California gold rush. Thousands of people are arriving with their families and everything they own packed into their vehicles, often without a job or a place to stay. (Note: Do not move to North Dakota unless you have an actual job start date.)



The churches in the western part of the state are working hard with other nonprofits to help meet the needs of the fast-growing population. I think it may be time for the Prairie Lighthouse to turn on its beacon again, and offer light and hope. This time it would be in the form of a blog. I am a total novice and don't really know where to begin. If there are Christian writers that can offer advice, I'd love to hear from you.



And finally, this is my first day as a member of Christianwriters.com and I'm really excited to be part of it!

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Ah, one of our old stomping grounds. Well, sort of. A few decades ago, my wife and I lived in a former sleepy cowboy town (as you described it). A one sided tiny town of a couple hundred people right off highway 85 between Watford City and Alexander. From what recent visitors from our old stomping ground told us - Watford City has since we left exchanged a few of its stop signs for traffic lights.



I often miss helping a couple of rancher friends with their annual roundups.



Glad to meet ya!







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