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Not New But Gone For A While

Guest MaryWebb

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Welcome to the group, This is the best place to be for Christian Writing, I write Christian Mystery and Clean romance under Samantha Lovern and Samantha Fury it's great to meet you. Had it not been for this site I would not be published and on Amazon right now. So you have come to a great place to learn.



Might I suggest that websites make better platforms for authors to show off their work. Weebly is free and they have a lot to offer. Take a peak at mine www.samanthafury.com




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Guest ShipwreckWriter

Hello: I've been "gone" from this site too. Actually, I must admit to just signing up and not participating much. Then I got an e-mail reminder - so thought I'd give it a try this morning. I must also admit to putting my writing aside for the past two years. Thanks for posting and letting others know it's OK to return.

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Glad you're back! I checked out your blog. Looks very good! I read some of your posts on your mom and they and heart-



warming and a blessing to read. I can relate to you on bullying in the family. My sister bullied me and was totally



obnoxious. No one did anything about it because she was the "favorite."



Best wishes on your writing!



Toni :)

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