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The Scourge or the Plague

Marc Fournier

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With this world,

and its ever-changing problems,

fear has become rampant out there.

Paranoia of others,

seems the mainstay right now.

Will this scourge ever end?

Many people sick from it,

thousands have entered eternity,

they have lost their struggle for earthly life.

I pray for mercy,

for all who have the lost their fight,

and those who have been crushed by loved ones lost,

who can never see again their smiles or laughter,

only to be replaced by empty seats in their homes.

The tears that have been shed,

Jesus has collected them in His hands.

We must continue to show God's love,

even in the midst of chaos and unknowns.

Those who believe in the power of Jesus,

are assured and confident,

that He holds all situations in His hands,

He will not let those who truly love Him down.

Faith is what all people need,

to ride out the rest of this plague.

The ones who do not want to know Jesus,

need to get to know Him,

so that earthly life and eternal life,

can be secured.

Let us who know Him,

not lose sight of love,

to share the love of Jesus,

to all we can reach in these days.


    Marc Fournier   (   T27-197   )









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