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1 hour ago, Grey_Skies said:

Plus, I recently read an excellent novel from about twenty years ago that was a huge commercial success, was praised by the New York Times, etc., and won the Pulitzer Prize.  And it's a book that I would without a second thought consider to be a Christian novel.  Takeaway from that?  I guess it can be done!


Wow, that's a great point, @Grey_Skies!

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Just been reading through this and realised I haven't made a contribution to the discussion.


(aren't you the lucky one 🙂


OK. My take is that there is enough real life situations that we have to deal with as Christians = so write about them.  Write about what is at the heart of the situation. What is the Christian response to that situation? Your reader will pick up or not pick up depending on their own spiritual tradition, the 'God bit'


For example 'Judas'  has Christian characters and definitely Christian themes but it can also be read as a book that explores family relationships and how the bad things in life can shape how we live our lives.


If I was to translate that in to explicitly Christian terms then I would say it explores how we as humans fight Satan destructive presence in our live. How God works to help people be reconciled and healed. 


You can read Narnia as children story or a Christian fable - just depends on the glasses you are wearing.


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