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Anyone know any good resources for learning rhetoric?

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I have never read a book or taken a class in rhetoric. I am writing a nonfiction book that makes many theological claims. After a recent conversation in which a well educated person (a seminary student) disagreed (in a friendly manner) with an important conclusion of mine, I realized that I need to make explicit use of rhetorical principles or I will fail.


I did devote an entire chapter of my manuscript to material intended to establish my credentials on the subject, but persuasive techniques must be worked into the whole book. I have made use of such techniques when they occurred to me, but suspect that I employ a few tools often while neglecting others unfamiliar to me. I need balance and more training.


I do not want to make a "hard sell", but would like my arguments to carry greater force.


Anyone know of websites where I can turn or e-books worth buying?


For marketing, I will need to create videos to post online, so I need to learn rhetorical techniques for spoken as well as written communication.

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Guest Spaulding

I don't know rhetoric, but I know its twin sister -- marketing. An oldie but goodie -- Andrew Carnegies' How to Win Friends and Influence People.

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