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A fun (hopefully) writing prompt

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Hey everybody! I have a writing prompt for you! It might be a little bit different than a normal one, but I don't know. (I haven't done enough normal ones to know that sort of thing) So anyway, I'm going to give you a list of characters, and a list of occupations, and also a list of random things to put in the scene/story/thing to choose from. Mix and match them, then it's up to you to create an epic scene with them. 



Ellis Davidson

Dayle Willard

Jason Edisoon

Philly Brinker




Slightly mad Scientist






Random Things to Put in Somewhere (optional):

A Piano

Sleeping Darts

A Masked Man

An Airplane

A Ladle

A Lone Sock


Have fun! I will hopefully do something with this myself when I have time. 😁

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21 minutes ago, Grey_Skies said:

This looks interesting!  A different kind of writing prompt than I'm used to.  So, do we have to use all of them in the story, or as many as we want, or . . . ?

Pick and choose! You can use as many of them as you want. If you want to use all of them that's fine, if not, no problem! I might attempt to use all of them when I get around to it, but then again I might not. 😁

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Guest Spaulding

As an influencer, Philly introduced the country to American candy companies from Acalli Chocolate to Zak's Chocolate. The video trailer for her own chocolate recipe book went viral. But, while cleaning up her set, the ladle slipped, knocked over the food processor, and smashed her in the mouth.


She remembered sitting in the chair and the Novocain. She couldn't understand why a masked man in a dental flock hit her with darts or why Dr. Willard sang I Will Survive on the piano.


When Philly woke up at home with a lone sock on her nose, she promised to only fly that high again in an airplane.


(107 words.)

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Guest Spaulding
8 hours ago, Amosathar said:

Is there a word limit for this? as I'm already at 2600 words and I'm not nearly finished lol

Honestly, I went short because I need the practice and it felt like it would get too complicated long. I assumed most would go long.


The only reason I'd wonder after 2600 is how long do these message blocks let us go? 😊

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This is very much like a game we used to play, except we had fewer “items” in each category, and we were required to use them all, no matter how bizarre. Don’t currently have time to participate, but it looks like fun!

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When I took the names and occupations and put them together, The first idea that popped into my head was a crime story. A single victim who knew all of these people. So far I have a sheet that briefly lists the names, their associated occupation, association with other people in this group, relationship to the victim and what motive they might have to try and kill her. I will post the story I have so far to see what people think. I'm up to 3,300 words but I'd be interested to know what people think so far and if they'd be interested in me finishing the story.




It was early evening two people had just arrived outside the museum. The flashes from multiple cameras illuminated their faces. A young man approached the car as Corey stepped out and handed him the car keys. He was a young man, dressed in a white button down shirt, black trousers and shiny black dress shoes. He also had on a dark red vest with a ‘Valet’ badge where his front shirt pocket would be. There was a small line of cars waiting to drop off their passengers.

As the valet got into the car, Corey walked around to the passenger side door. Opening it, he extended his hand towards the car, a delicate hand with a loose silver chain bracelet, reached out and gripped his hand. A beautiful set of silver high-heeled stiletto shoes stepped out onto the red carpet, followed by the long smooth legs of a woman dressed in a mid-length elegant black evening dress. An ornate silver pendant hung from a multi layed silver corded necklace that adorned her neck. Her mousy-brown silky hair, professionally styled, framed her face like a model in a magazine. The long hair was pushed back into a left-sided part by way of a simple but ornate sapphire studded barrette with silver fingers that accentuated her light blue eyes.

As they walked up the long staircase of the well decorated venue, the paparazzi camera’s flashed, leaving small blind spots in his eyes. Corey was amazed at the amount of people there. He could barely believe the class and status of some of the people he was rubbing elbows with. He was a nobody, invisible to these people. Even with a rented tuxedo on, he knew that they wouldn’t give him a second glance, he was the help, the inferior person who usually would serve them food and drink at a high end restaurant.

Corey Daniels saw himself in the reflection of the glass doors as he entered the museum, but he didn’t recognize himself in such fancy clothes, he felt like a fake. He was an average looking guy, an inch under six feet tall with opal shaped brown eyes and a boy band fuzzy haircut. He felt out of place in this elite crowd.

But Emily DuMue, she was the star, an award winning journalist who had broken many stories and scandals that people would rather have kept hidden. He glanced at her, he knew how lucky he was to walk beside her, arm in arm, as if he belonged and was important. She glanced back at him, her light blue eyes glistened in the ambient light and she smiled. It was a genuine smile, not like the one she wore everytime someone wanted a selfie taken with her. He was important, at least he was to her and she wasn’t ashamed to show it, to make sure that he always felt like he mattered. 

They had grown up together on the poor streets of Portland. Emily was always the one going somewhere. She was smart with a quick wit and a nack for investigating and problem solving. It was clear how she advanced through school much quicker than him that she would be someone someday. But unlike the usual way popular people acted, she always put their friendship first, regardless of jokes and jeers of her peers. She didn’t care, Corey was the most important thing to her. 

Corey had a strong faith in God, although he never tried to push it on her. She knew what he believed and how he felt and respected his faith and choices. But with all she had seen from investigating stories, she was very cynical when it came to God and faith, thinking of it more as a crutch then a help.

They walked through a long carpeted hallway. There were many glass display cases lined up on pillars along the corridor. Old ancient tools, a ladel, an old cooking pot and even sleeping darts used by ancient tribes for hunting. 

Following the couples in front of them, they finally entered a large room. A small classical band was on the stage playing music appropriate for such a celebratory event as an award ceremony. An older man dressed in a suit and tails sat in front of a large black grand piano carefully tickling the ivories as if he was picking the strings on a harp.

The room was bustling with people in overdressed expensive evening wear, talking, bragging and trying to impress each other. Servers with silver trays, balanced skillfully on one hand, walked around with tall glass flutes full of champagne. 

Many people made their way over to greet Emily warmly, with a hug or a side kiss on the cheek or both. Some she knew, some she didn’t. When they tried to push Corey out of the way, she made a point of bringing him closer. They were not a couple, but two peas in a pod, kindred spirits, closer than any sister and brother could ever be. 

There were just as many people who walked by that didn’t want to welcome her, rather it was quite the opposite. These people despised her success, they tried to hide their sneers or  signs of contempt, some couldn’t hide their hatred towards her. These were most likely the people affected by the stories she had published. 

One of these people was a man named Stuart DuMont who stood off to the side with two other men, they all stared at her with disgust. He only knew about him because of what Emily had told him. He was high up in the science community, published many note worthy articles in science journals, but tabloids, for the most part, had portrayed him recently as a slightly mad scientist with the current theories he was making noise about.

The other two men were well known in their fields, but were not famous in the general arena. A well known dentist named Jason Edisoon stood beside a published author named Ellis Davison. Each of these men had been, in their eyes, wronged by Emily in some way through an article or story. Corey couldn’t even imagine what they were thinking, seeing her here, receiving an award for excellence in investigative journalism of all things. What other secrets did she know about these men that she hadn’t yet revealed?

After mingling with people for twenty minutes or so, everyone was invited to sit down for the evening meal that would be followed by the awards ceremony. The meal consisted of a gourmet food. He had seen this kind of food before in the restaurant at which he worked, but he could neither pronounce or understand the name of such dishes.

Those seated near Emily asked many questions about past stories she had published and things she was currently working on. Every now and then, she would glance at Corey and smile. From anyone else’s point of view it would look like an inside joke between them, but the simple truth is that she wanted to make sure he felt included in her world where she knew he felt uncomfortable and an outsider.

Time passed by, dinner was finished and it was half-way through the award ceremony, when it finally came time for Emily to stand up and receive the Sidney Hillman Foundation award for exposing health violations in a well known chocolate factory in Portland.

As he watched her get up and accept the award, he noticed the pain beneath her smile, the need to break the story came at the cost of her own personal relationship with Philly Brinker her boyfriend. 

He was a chocolatier that worked at the company and although he wasn’t involved in the cover up of the violations, he was fired none-the-less when the company found out his connection to Emily. Their break up was public and vicious, his true colours finally showed. He filled his social media accounts with his thoughts and feelings, lies and rumors, which in the end, only reflected badly on him. But what hurt the most was that she finally knew that he was only in that relationship for the money and fame that Emily’s career provided him.

She had been depressed for weeks and it was only recently that she had found the strength to move forward and get on with her life. Corey had been her rock, spending time with her everyday to help her get through it.

After the awards had all been given out to their recipients, there was more mingling of guests and peers as they waited for a silent auction to begin. Corey sat there at the table, minding his own business as Emily talked shop with other journalists she knew.

Unexpectedly, he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned and looked and it was Emily, smiling at him. She extended her hand, an invitation for him to dance with her to the slow melody that played in the background. He shook his head, but she insisted, pulling him to his feet, in truth he could never say no to her twice.

As they were dancing, they talked and laughed, and spent sometime dancing close together. Anyone could mistake them for an actual romantic couple. As they turned and pivoted to the music, Corey noticed a young couple glaring at Emily from the corner of the room. They started to quarrel, trying to keep it quiet, but soon it got out of hand and erupted. Corey was surprised they were part of this crowd, he only knew them from their YouTube channel, but they must be quite successful to be at home in this crowd. 

Dayle Willard and Sarilla Swanson were co-hosts of a variety YouTube channel called “The Epic Zone”. They had gained early popularity from gameplay and reviews of popular video games, movie and music reviews and life hacks for work, school, cooking and life. They had quite the following in the local area and often gave away prize money and donations to local charities. Sarilla and Emily used to be best friends, but something had changed recently.

A few minutes into the fight, Sarilla slapped Dayle across the face hard before she walked away, he was both stunned and shocked as he held his sore face. She made a beeline straight towards Emily. She shouted, pointing at Emily, not caring who heard or what spectacle she made of herself. 

“Look who it is. I have a scoop for everyone! Here’s a real scandal, she slept with my fiance. You’re nothing but a two-bit whore and a home-wrecking bitch! I hate you, I hope you die!“

The band stopped playing and everyone stopped dancing, Emily was devastated and humiliated.

Sarilla stormed off outside and Dayle, holding his sore face ran out after her, calling her name. Many people present, were more shocked at how they acted then what was said. They were young, despite their success, they didn’t know the appropriate way to act in a setting like this.

People turned away and started talking again as the band once again serenaded them with background classical music.

Corey said, “C’mon lets sit down for awhile and you can tell me what happened.”

They went and sat down at a small table off to the side of the hall. People had looked in her direction during the commotion, but people quickly went back to their dancing and talking, minding their own business.

Emily sat with her elbows on the table and her head in her hands, she started crying, trying to hide her humiliation in front of Corey. She had often made it clear, she didn’t care what other people thought about her, the only opinion that mattered was Corey’s and now he knew a secret that she wished had stayed private. 

Corey inquired, “Do you want to talk? What was all that about?”

Emily pulled a tissue from her purse and dried her eyes.

“Not really, but it’s not what you think.”

“C’mon Em, you know I never assume anything when it comes to you. I know there’s more to this story than her accusation.”

“It’s not how it sounds, really. It was a mistake and it never should of happened.”

“Well tell me about it, tell me what happened.”

“I was supposed to interview them both about the rise and popularity of their YouTube channel, but Sarilla had to suddenly go out of town and couldn’t make it, even though she had agreed to be part of it. I tried to postpone it, but Dayle suggested we do it at a restaurant instead. I reluctantly agreed.”

“So how did that turn into that accusation?”

“Well, the interview went well, and Dayle suggested coming back to his place so he could show me their complete setup of equipment and computers and how they record their videos. At first I though nothing of it, seemed like a reasonable idea to add to the story. But once we got to his house, he didn’t show me their setup straight away, instead he offered me a drink. I thought it seemed a little suspicious and told him I was going to leave, but he said we would relax for a few minutes, have a drink then he would show me everything. Against my better nature, I agreed, after all I only had half a glass of wine at dinner so I thought it would be okay.”

“Did he make a move on you?”

“Not exactly, but we never got around to looking at his computer setup. We started talking about life and relationships. The truth was that it was a bad idea to be alone with him, he’s not bad looking and I was still in a bad place after the breakup with Philly. After starting to feel a little tipsy, I turned away to put the bottle of beer down on a table, but when I turned back he kissed me unexpectedly.”

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t know what to do, I felt confused and torn. I didn’t want be with him, but it was nice for someone to pay attention to me. I knew I should have said no or stopped him, but after he kissed me again, I just sat there and things went from there. The morning after I was so ashamed. I knew it was a mistake, but I couldn’t take it back and it wasn’t a question of if, but when Sarilla would find out and I knew she’d never forgive me.”

“It’s not like you did it on purpose. It sounds like that is what Dayle wanted all along.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised, I had caught him many times glancing my way, extended looks and hidden smiles when he thought I hadn’t noticed.”

“Are you going to be okay?”

“I will be. I need to step outside and get some fresh air. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Emily exited out the large doors on the opposite side of the room that led to a large patio and garden area they used for outdoor entertaining. Twenty minutes had passed when Corey looked at his watch. He had been observing people dancing and coming and going, milling about laughing, talking and drinking. He started to get worried that Emily hadn’t returned and he headed outside to see if he could find her. 

He stepped out onto the back patio, a large garden with hedges around the white paths, the whole area was bathed in the soft pale-blue light of the full moon. He looked around, but didn’t see her standing at the balcony or anywhere obvious. 

He called out her name a few times, becoming more concerned each time he called out. An airplane passed overhead, making it hard to hear if she responded.

“Emily! Where are you?”

A young woman dressed in a server’s uniform approached.

“Is there something I can help you with sir?”

“I’m looking for my friend Emily DuMue. She came out here earlier, but she never came back inside.”

He got his phone out and showed the young woman a photo.

“This is her, have you seen her?”

“Sorry sir, I haven’t seen her. You might want to ask the other servers, maybe one of them saw something.”

“Okay thanks.”

As the young woman went back inside, Corey turned away, he stood looking out over the city from the balcony, wondering where on earth Emily could be. 

He started to look in the less obvious places and skirted around the outside of the building. On the north side of the building, there was a metal door where the server and kitchen staff entrance was located. Ten feet away, against a large wire fence, were two large metal dumpsters. He noticed a glitter of moon light reflecting off something small. He approached the dark side of the right dumpster and found Emily laying on the ground, the glimmer of light was the moon reflecting off the sequins on her shoes. A lone sock, the end bulging with small rocks and a bloody stain lay against the wire fence.

He tried to feel her neck and her wrist to find a pulse, but he had trouble finding it. She had a large head wound and her blood-stained award lay grasped in her hand next to her. Panicked, he tried to maintain some sense of composure as he tried to give her CPR. Startled by the metal door opening behind him, he looked up and saw a kitchen hand approach with a bag of garbage for the dumpster.

He called out to the young man, “Quick, call an ambulance, she’s been attacked!”

The man dropped the bag and grabbed his phone. He did call the police and ask for an ambulance, but the problem was he had seen Corey leaning over the body and assumed he was to blame and ran back inside.

Faint sirens broke the silence of the night and got louder as they drew closer. There was a rustling in a nearby bush and a barely visible masked figure appeared and looked at Corey, before taking off into the night. Flashing lights filled the scene and an ambulance pulled in beside the dumpsters and two paramedics jumped out, rushing to the back of their rig for equipment.

The paramedics rushed to Emily’s side with large bags and pulled Corey away to start working on her. Two police cars skidded to a stop and two officers rushed forward, each man grabbing one of Corey’s arm as they proceeded to put handcuffs on him and read him his rights.

Even after doing his best with CPR, there was no change. He thought she was dead, and was already distraught. 

As the police officers began to drag him away he cried out, proclaiming his innocence.

“Sure, everyone says they’re innocent. But you were found kneeling over her body, but yet you didn’t do it.”

“No, I didn’t. I’m her best friend, I didn’t attack her, I found her like this. Stop! I need to help her. Please, let me go, I need to know if she’s going to be okay!”

They laughed, not believing that he was friends with such a big celebrity. The officers didn’t care what story he fed them, dragging him in an arm lock, he struggled to get free. Finally getting to the car, they bent his neck forward as they put him into the back of the police car and closed the door.

The younger officer got into the drivers seat of the police car and didn’t care what Corey had to say. The other office went back up to see the paramedics to see if the victim could be revived.

Five minutes he sat there like a caged animal, waiting in the back of the police car to hear any kind of good news. His hands bound behind him in cuffs and praying desperately that God would save her. There had been nothing from the paramedics up to now, making it a very long five minutes, until finally one of them spoke loud enough for him to hear.

“She’s got a pulse.”

Corey cried out, “Oh thank you God!”

Corey saw the paramedics strap Emily onto the mobile stretcher before loading her into the back of the ambulance.

The officer in car looked back at him, “You better pray, after such an attack, only a miracle can save you now.”

The older officer walked back and got into the car. He looked at Corey and said, “Well, she’s alive, but unconscious. Is that what you needed to know?”

“Yes, thank you. At least I know know that she’s alive.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

They drove to the local police station, dragged him out of the backseat of the car and paraded him through the station into an interrogation room at the back of the building. They removed his phone and any personal items and put them in a plastic container. They unlocked one of his cuffs and let him sit down and then proceeded to cuff him to the table in front of where he was sitting before walking out and shutting the door, leaving him alone and afraid.

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On 1/8/2022 at 11:06 PM, Amosathar said:

They drove to the local police station, dragged him out of the backseat of the car and paraded him through the station into an interrogation room at the back of the building. They removed his phone and any personal items and put them in a plastic container. They unlocked one of his cuffs and let him sit down and then proceeded to cuff him to the table in front of where he was sitting before walking out and shutting the door, leaving him alone and afraid

I think you have a novel here! Keep writing! You set it up very well at the beginning. Lynn will probably move you to the critique section soon!

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