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Seasons in Life

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Through all our seasons in life,

He is with us every step of the way.

As I look at our family photos on the wall,

He has been there through it all.

In laughter in tears,

God has made it so,

that we could weather these years.

The hairs in my brush,

they are no longer brown,

but rather a bright silvery gray,

but still, with the help of your grace,

we rise from our beds every day,

because your lovely grace Lord,

You always put on display.

Around the corners of my eyes,

there are wrinkles of time,

where the tears get stuck,

when I hear you say,

I am yours and you are mine.

It warms me to the core,

when You thought about me,

a sinner, still yet unrefined, 

don't know why You would love me.

Jesus, my Savior,

let me bow down at your feet one day,

on your Heavenly floor.

and somehow with any strength I have,

let You know,

it is You I truly adore.



      Marc Fournier   (   S14-193   )




Edited by Marc Fournier
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