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Illustrations In the Scriptures

Marc Fournier

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Illustrations in the scriptures.

Are they too far-fetched? 

God creating the Heavens and the earth.

Taking a rib from Adam,

so that He could create his wife, Eve.

Jacob wrestling with God,

before God changed his name to Israel.

Samson, with his amazing strength,

due to his hair and a Nazarite vow.

Elijah, never dying,

but riding up,

in a chariot made of fire to the Heavens.

God splitting the Red Sea,

like some sort of divine crosswalk,

for His people to flee from bondage.

A Child who was born,

who always existed as God,

sent from His Father, 

to save us from our sins,

by dying that painful death,

on the cross,

for our past, present, and future sins.

Seems impossible to believe right?

Are these stories make believe?

Does it take too much faith to believe in them?

It takes an absurd amount of misguided faith,

to believe that we climbed from the slime,

and morphed into one sort of creature and then another,

and to finally arrive as men and women today!

God made mankind and all creatures unique to themselves,

by His wonderful and majestic handiwork.

If He made all animals,

which He did,

He could, and did, enable them to walk into the Ark,

which the naysayers called Noah a fool for making.

If you want to experience Heaven,

believe with all your heart in our Lord Jesus Christ,

He is the reason why we are here!


    Marc Fournier   (   i17-191   )






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