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He Wants to Refine You

Marc Fournier

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True faith in God,

for a vast number of people,

seems as nothing more than drudgery.

It seems very restrictive to them.

They look at the scriptures,

as some sort of esoteric belief.

As well,

they believe the folks,

that adhere to these teachings,

as dimwitted or gullible.

The truth is,

they feel by belief in the Bible,

that it will discard,

the relevancy of science.

God created all things,

nothing in the world existed without Him,

including science and the pursuit of it.

For the vast feel,

if they believe in Him,

it will infringe,

on their lifestyles or happiness.

Well, it just might,

if their lives,

are built on sinful practices.

God wants to fulfill you,

He wants to refine you,

to make you clean in His eyes,

He desires to improve,

the quality of your life.

He loves you so much,

all He wants,

is your true love in return.


     Marc Fournier     (   H16-190   )



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