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He is Waiting for Us

Marc Fournier

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If you possibly can,

try to picture this idea,

in your mind.

Regardless, if a person believes in Jesus Christ or not,

will not change how the world ends,

or any of the prophecies of the Lord's Holy book.

Try to view this clear in your thoughts,

that we are,

in just yet another way,

becoming willingly or unwillingly,

partakers of His future plans,

for all of us here,

and what becomes of the earth itself.

If you will,

try to envision ourselves,

as characters in a divine prophetic play,

each with our own role.

Jesus knows are thoughts before we think them,

He knows who will accept Him,

and which ones will be shaking their fists at Him,

in the clefts of the rocks,

when the world explodes in tribulation judgements.

He is waiting for as many to call on His name,

this is just yet another way His compassion,

is being poured out on us.

Oh! what a lost one I was, 

before the Holy Spirit nudged and woke me.

Don't push Him away,

let Him in and embrace the creator of all.


    Marc Fournier   (   H15-189   )








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