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Broad Or Narrow Paths

Marc Fournier

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The world system,

has the majority of people,

in this world,

resembling lemmings,

there are many jumping over cliffs,

to their spiritual deaths.

It is so beautiful,

when the Holy Spirit,

draws the ones that will listen to Himself,

and saves them eternally,

from the second death.

The most priceless gift,

we have in this life,

is being able,

to accept the Lord Jesus,

to imagine His comforting words and face.

To see His very presence,

light up the whole kingdom of Heaven,

is something I greatly long for.

Take in every thought of Jesus,

hold them in your hearts and hands,

and treat them like precious jewels,

you never want to lose.

When a person accepts Jesus,

their lives can never be the same as they were,

as those selfish days of old.

When we truly choose to say Yes to Jesus,

we put ourselves on His narrow path,

and we align ourselves,

to pass through the narrow gate,

which is far removed,

from the broad path of eternal destruction.



    Marc Fournier   (   B6-188   )











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