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Decline in Religion & Prayer

Larry Kuka

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     The Pew Research Center reported in their new survey that the number of Americans that pray daily declined to 45%, meaning over half of America has no daily prayer: 40% of Americans reported they are protestants, 21% Catholics, 6% non-Christian faiths, while 29% reported no religion.[1] Christians in America are now 63%, down from 78% in 2007, while those reporting no religion rose from 16% in 2007 to 29%.[2]

     With over half of Americans abstaining from daily prayer and over 1/4 reporting no religion, is it any wonder that crime is on the rise, corruption in government and business is prolific, and families are breaking up. The moral backbone of our nation is collapsing.

     The pandemic should bring people closer to God, but the government, media, and big business have united to bring fear and panic to America. The Guardian reports, “Some of the decline is attributable to changing generations, with about 66% of people born before 1946 are still members of a church, compared with just 36% of millennials.”[3] “The secularizing trends that have been evident for a long time show no signs of slowing, certainly no signs of reversing,” said Greg Smith, author of the study.[4]  The Gospel Coalition reported, “When American religiosity peaked in 1960, one in two American adults attended some religious service in a given week. Now it’s a little more than one in three.”[5]

     Daily prayer is most prolific in married families with children. The Pew Research Center reported, “White evangelicals are the only religious subgroup analyzed in which a majority (56%) say that prioritizing marriage and having children is better for society.”[6] “Evangelicalism…is a worldwide trans-denominational movement within Protestant Christianity that maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, solely through faith in Jesus' atonement.”[7] Family prayer is important, because it brings requests and thanksgiving before God for issues affecting the family, e.g., health, finances, forgiveness, fellowship, and affection. In our world of fear, chaos, and uncertainty individuals and families need the spiritual and emotional strength that prayer provides.[8]


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[8] For further information visit https://bestdailyprayer.org/prayers/family/best-prayers-for-the-family/

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