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O Come O Come Emmanuel

Sarah Daffy

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On 12/16/2021 at 10:23 PM, Sarah Daffy said:


I played the Piano Guys version of this song at church on harmonica.  I listen to it often so I can keep the tune in my head as I play by ear. I did buy the sheet music for the piano player and it went well.  I also played a few other of their songs 'The Mission - How Great Thou Art.


I listen to the piano Guys often I love their Music.  Another great tune of theirs is with Ave Maria/Oh Holy Night with Lexi Walker.  That girl has an incredible voice.  I hope you don't mind that I post it here..



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Looking back at this…I recall a Christmas I spent living as a “postulant” in a Franciscan order.   At a service, dressed in our habits with 3-knotted cords, I was treated to their chant of this song but in Latin.   

It was stunning.  I felt transported back many centuries.  It would have been fitting for Templar knights to show up!

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   While Christmas is over, it's still good to hear the traditional melody.  Especially today.  This morning, here on Long Island, there is a major snowstorm.  I'll be stuck in the house all day.  So hearing the music helps overcome the boredom.

   Maybe I should go back, and listen to all the 25 Days of Christmas Songs; especially the one with the ten year old girl singing "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".  That's the one I enjoyed the most. 

   They'll all help keep me from being depressed. 

   Thank you.   

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