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Beta-Read/Novel Edit - Medieval Expert

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Anyone know how I might go about finding a "medieval expert" to help me ensure my novel is historically accurate? Preferably someone with medieval Islamic knowledge (specifically Iberian peninsula in 1440), but the story is also set in medieval France.


I do not know where to begin to find someone who could help with that, and I thought my good friends at Christianwriters.com might have some experience and be able to provide insight 🙂 Thank you for your input!

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OK. Firs t port of call I would suggest is Mr Google. No serious I am a Brit who wrote a whole trilogy mainly based in Tennessee USA with American & British characters. Both farming families.  Google was a good starting point to get a broad understanding of the land, climate and farming (I did live in TN for a while as a student back in the 80s).


The other place you could look is search amazon and see if there is a specialist who has written books and then approach them. 


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Guest LauraJo

Also try a college  history teacher hat teachers the period. He may also know students who will betta read,  

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