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If I Were Young Again


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If I were young again, I'd try to be 

A credit for my Lord to see;

I'd claim my Saviour right away,

And from His side I would not stray.


If I were young again, I'd listen 

To words of wisdom, often given;

I'd give more heed to God's true Word,

The Word that oft' my heart has stirred.


If I were young again, I'd strive 

To keep the Christians more alive;

I'd let my life a pattern be,

Let Jesus Christ be seen in me.


If I were young again, I'd raise

My voice in no uncertain praise;

I'd let my voice for Jesus ring,

Of His "Redeeming Love" I'd sing.


If I were young again, I'd give 

As though it were imperative;

I'd give my money cheerfully

To tell of Christ of Galilee.


But since, dear Lord, I can't reclaim

The years I've wasted - to my shame

From now, henceforth, for Thee I'll be

A real true witness, Lord, for Three.


By A. J. Stairs.









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