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Your Friend


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You call me your friend

But am I really your friend?

You run in and out and you want me to be there.

You chatter and gossip with people

You want me to stand and listen.


Wait! No, you reply. I must hurry.

Off you go and expects me to follow

Am I your friend or your servant?

Who jumps at your command,

And follows every step you take


Allow me to explain. I know the answer you reply

I have a plan, let me share it with you.

No. I have already made my plans.

This is the way to go. I’ve trod this way before

No, you follow me.  I know what I am doing


I cannot follow you to the danger zone

I warn you as a faithful friend. You must go follow me

It is hard but that is the truth.

Abide in me and allow me to abide in you

For without me you can do nothing


Stay with me and tell me your troubles

Not in many words you say it

Actions speaks louder than voice

All your sorrows and burdens I know

Let me carry them all alone

Give them to me for I am your friend


I want to talk to you about things

Leave the busy life and come apart with me

Pause and listen to what I have to say

I want to tell you more about our Father and our home


Have you forgotten we are more than friends?

We are joint heirs and one family in God our Father.

I want you to be with me where I am

For many mansions have I prepared for you in heaven

You are my friend if you do what I command

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