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Angry Words


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Angry words are like a dagger

Stuck into the human heart

And they do, yes, far too often

Make the tears of sorrow start


Though they take but just one moment

To bring forth a flood of tears

Yet the wounds they have created

Linger on - for months and years


If you have a raging temper

You'll do well these words to heed

Words that still remain unspoken

Will no explanation need


He who can control his temper

Has within his being stored

Much more power than an army 

Laden down with gun and sword


So, next time your temper rages

And your words want to o'er flow

Stop and ask yourself this question

What if I were treated so?


"A soft answer turns away wrath,

but grievous words stir up anger"

Proverbs 15;1


Author: A. J. Stairs




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