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Natural Remedies

Larry Kuka

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     God has created a natural remedy for every ailment and sickness known to mankind.  Some remedies will work for some people, but not for everyone. So, sometimes finding a natural remedy requires a little experimentation.

     The last time I was sickened with a winter cold, I had a prolonged illness. After many overcast and cloudy days, the sun appeared. I stripped to the waist then sat in the cold winter sun for over two hours. In less than 24 hours my cold began to break up. I began natural breathing treatments and within a few days I was completely restored to good health. I did not visit a doctor or take any commercial drugs or medicines. God provided the natural remedies that restored my good health. The costs for my natural remedies were less than one dollar.

     I once had psoriasis; a disease considered incurable by doctors. Doctors use various “treatments”, ranging from light treatments to drugs. These treatments are very expensive and often result in the patient acquiring cancer. Realizing that these treatments could destroy my health, I searched for a natural remedy. To my surprise, I found that this “incurable disease” could easily be cured with a few simple inexpensive natural remedies, costing less than $18.

     There are also natural remedies for tumors, cancers, and other ailments. Some of these remedies may be growing in your back yard or on a farm. Some may be purchased over the counter at pharmacies, grocery stores, or discount stores. Some remedies are actually found in dirt. After all, God created man from dirt (Genesis 2:7). He also created the animals and birds from dirt (Genesis 2:19). Jesus gave a blind man his sight with dirt (John 9: 1-7). Do not discount the value of dirt which contains the elements.

     Do not be deceived that you have to have expensive ”treatments” or drugs to be cured of an illness. Jesus never healed a person with drugs or expensive treatments. We can follow his example. There is a time to consult doctors, (e.g., excessive bleeding, broken bones, tumors, eminent death), but many illnesses can be addressed with simple natural methods. Just as stress, brought on by lack of faith, can cause sickness and death; faith can bring healing and new life. The blind man in John, chapter 9, exercised faith, by washing in the pool of Siloam. Faith should be your first step in natural cures.

     (I must enter this disclaimer or risk going to prison for writing this article). Not intended for medical purposes. For informational use only.

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   I don't understand why you'd be going to prison.  You haven't committed libel, or threatened anyone.  You've told about how you've found ways to cure yourself, without using medications.  As long as you're being honest, why is that wrong?

   Personally, I do use over the counter medications and nutritional supplements, which I consider blessings from God.  I'm now 75 years old and in very good shape for a man my age.

   Since we're both in good shape, using different methods, it means that the Lord has blessed us both, in two different ways. 

   All praise and thanks to the Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen. 

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