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We Are Free to Take our Place

Jennifer Dando

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So my friend shared with me what God placed in her heart, a heavy burden, a calling to take our place in God’s Kingdom in this last days church. All the more that she put heaven’s calling in the back burner, all the more it becomes heavier and seared into her heart.—She has to act upon God’s call. When God puts in a person’s heart revelation of heavenly things, it becomes a matter of obedience. It might not make sense, it might look difficult, and it might even look impossible when we look at ourselves with our unending lists of our buts and if’s. But when God’s calling is pushing through wherever darkness and impossibilities you are in, it is because he is calling you to experience who He is and how much He loves you! God is on a mission to redeem His creation. He is Love and in and through all the pain, suffering and brokenness of this world we are living in He came as light to shine in the deep recesses of our heart’s grave yards and deadness. His calling is very personal. His Love is the greatest. He is the most beautiful sight in all eternity.

God’s call in our day and age— reconsider your priorities. Rethink your goals and purpose. Build His Kingdom. Not our own kingdom. For His Kingdom endures forever, not like ours that is likened to a flower in bloom here today and gone tomorrow. 

To God’s redeemed through the blood of Jesus Christ—“We are free to take our place” in this last days. He will draw all people unto Him. God invites us to be part of the greatest story that is unfolding— HIStory.

As for my place, I will start writing the still small voice speaking to my heart for others to be blessed. There is nothing special about me. I am just like you familiar with suffering and pain. The only different thing about me is that in this frail body of mine, this jar of clay, Is the temple of the Living God. He makes me set apart not because of what I can or cannot do. He sets people apart for His purpose when we become born of the Spirit. 

He has been waiting for us days without number for us to each take our place. We have to take our place. Where is our specific place? He will tell you personally. Ask Him. He is  always looking for that one person that has ready their hearts for Him to come in and make a home out of. Is that you? Listen to the Spirit. He is on the move.

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