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Samantha Hopper

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I wrote this piece a few weeks ago, and I hope it encourages somebody.




I know the hurt just as much as anyone, my friend. The pain life causes. The fear that floods each one of us to the point that the surface of the water feels so many miles away. You give up hope, letting yourself slowly drown in this horrible sea.


You look around. The world all seems fine, going about their lives without even a hint of knowledge that you’re drowning. They can’t see you. You’re too far from the light. They can’t hear you. The water muffles your cries. 


You wonder if you’ll always be alone. The longer you wait, the more you sink into those murky depths. There was once a time when rays of sunlight sparked through the water, warming your skin and heart. But you’ve sunken too far for even the sun to reach.  


You used to be able to hear that voice. The voice you’d grown to love. But now, He’s nowhere to be seen. You wonder if He’s abandoned you in these depths. Maybe He lost hope for you, if He truly ever has any at all.


Something deep inside you whispers that He’s right there—so close that if you reach a hand out into the dark waters, you might be able to touch Him. But the ocean surrounding you is so cold. You fear you’ll freeze if you move from the tight ball you’ve curled yourself into.

But, my friend, I promise He’s right there. Just reach out. Just whisper that one word—help. I promise He’ll take you by the hand and lead you to the surface. Just reach for Him. Just one movement. Just one prayer. Just one verse. Reach, my friend. Reach.

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Thank you for sharing this. 


Sometimes the hardest thing to do in the depths of despair is to say that one word, help.  Or to trust that someone cares enough to throw us that life-line.  But I know from my own experience that when we cry out from our soul, help, the Lord is always faithful to respond.  He is there, He cares, and He never disappoints.






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