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             How can you ever get bored with Atlantis?


              The Lost City of Atlantis has been a mystery for quite some time now. Explorers and sea divers have tried to seek out the ancient city everywhere across the Atlantic Ocean—after all, Atlantis is literally Atlantic replacing the c with an s. So obviously it’s somewhere in the region of the Atlantic Ocean, or at least somewhere near it. We took this from Plato, the beginning of the legend. He himself said in his dialogue of Timaeus that Atlantis was a very large island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. (Though I suggest you read the dialogue of Critias for Atlantis, as there was only a small bit about Atlantis in Timaeus.) I know there have been hundreds of possibilities that explorers have thought where Atlantis might be, but here are two that I thought of.


              Thera: Remember Thera? It is, (Or rather, half is, half isn’t) an island located just off of the coast of Greece. Around the year of 1600 BC., Thera exploded with its volcano, sending lava absolutely everywhere and destroying everything. What it didn’t destroy the tsunamis took care of, and now half of the island is under the sea. Similar to Atlantis? Although Plato lived more than a thousand years after this event, there must have been records of the catastrophe. He could have gained an idea for an actual Atlantis which was fictional, all from the eruption of Thera. Or Thera actually had an ancient civilization, (besides the Minoans), who were similar to Atlantis. 


              Galapagos Islands: Then there are these, renowned solely for Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. Sure, they are very unlikely to hold the real Atlantis, if it even exists, but it also has lots of volcanoes. Thirteen, actually. If these volcanoes erupted all at the same time, then that would certainly do the trick to cover Atlantis in volcanic rock and water. The Galapagos islands are literally tops of volcanoes sticking out from the water! I bet that there must have been some kind of civilization before the volcanoes, even if it wouldn’t be Atlantis. 


Well, there you have it. Comments are most welcome. Where do you think the Lost City of Atlantis might be?

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