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5 Tips for Writing with Tinnitus


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Here is an article from my site on writing with tinnitus. If you'd like to hear more about my story or want to know some of the different sounds tinnitus can make, please check out the article itself here. 


(Ok, @lynnmosher , I can't find a quote option on my phone. * Will have to do this time.) 




Without further ado, my top five tips for dealing with tinnitus while writing: 


5) Airflow  

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people, being stuck anywhere without some type of airflow can make the ringing seem louder and draw it to the forefront of my attention. Turning a fan on low, cracking a window, turning on the A/C, etc., are small things, but they make a big difference for me. 


4) Using the TV for background sound 

 For me having some kind of low sound in the background is helpful. Sure, there are some things I find distracting and want to watch, but if you are using the TV for background noise, you don’t want to play the latest season of your favorite show. It doesn’t even have to be loud enough to understand what is being said, just enough to know it is there. 


3) White noise 

Soothing background sounds help many people relax, but it can also be helpful to mask the sounds of tinnitus. My favorites are rain, thunderstorms, or even a fan. You could also try the beach, birds, forest sounds, crickets, or other ambient sounds. 


2) Music 

This one is not always right for everyone, but when I am writing or doing work that needs mental focus, I will listen to instrumental music. I dislike music with words, because they are clearly a singalong, and small children five miles away will scream in terror at my tone-deaf voice. I originally started by typing “epic music” and the type of theme I was looking for into YouTube. They have a ton of hour-long videos that are instrumental pieces. However, I am easily distracted and need something different. I now use Amazon music to listen to Lindsey Stirling, Phil Ray, Epic North, and so many more. I can play this music in the background and block YouTube while I am writing, because otherwise I will suddenly need to watch something to reach (of course!) then, three hours and 8,000 videos later, wonder why I finished so little work. Find what type of music you like, and see if this is a good option for you. 


1) Sleeping with a fan beside your bed  

For all of us, sleep is important. Since I am a caregiver and some nights that means you could get better sleep with a newborn, it is extra important to get the best sleep you can when you can. Seriously, falling asleep for two hours on a hardwood floor because you’re so exhausted is not recommended … or in the folding chair … or in the barn … or in the kid’s sandbox when you forgot to put the sunscreen on. 


I, like so many others, get into a nice quiet bed and hear nothing but ringing in the ears. It’s like the ringing waits for things to turn quiet so it can turn up the volume and laugh maniacally. It doesn’t, but it can feel like it. 


When I was young, my father always had a box fan on at night. We were poor and didn’t have AC or anything but a small gas stove in the winter. Airflow was important to cool down in the summer and make sure the whole house was heated in the winter. I remember the first night I left home and tried to sleep. It was horrible! In the following weeks, I finally discovered that the fan had not only helped with room temperature but had masked the sound of ringing at night. 


If you are plagued with this at night, I recommend trying a fan. Some people like it higher, and some lower. Try it out and see what works best for you. 

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1 hour ago, Alley said:

Seriously, falling asleep for two hours on a hardwood floor because you’re so exhausted is not recommended … or in the folding chair … or in the barn … or in the kid’s sandbox when you forgot to put the sunscreen on. 

Uh-oh! What happened there?! 😅


But this is some good advice! I don't have tinnitus (and I don't plan on it either), but I'm sure it'll help someone else out here!

And I totally struggle with YouTube. My one intention is to find music.

An hour later, I find myself staring at a random video about really young children messing up ballet or dance recitals..

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3 minutes ago, lynnmosher said:

Alley, even though this is writing related, writings are not allowed in the writing forum. I will check with Rebecca. Maybe I'm wrong.

Just let me know what section to put it in. 😄 I'm good for a game of what is the correct button. 

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