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How did you choose your style of writing?

Jess writing

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 The answer of what to write is obvious to me. The most important thing I can write about is the Gospel. The most beautiful thing I can write about is the Gospel. The most fulfilling, complex yet simple, unique though speaks to all humanity thing that I can write about is ( you probably guessed it), the Gospel!


Here is the question: Should my writing speak directly about the subject at hand, or should it be hidden in a story for people to discover? A.W. Tozer was of the first school of thought, J.R.R. Tolkien was of the second, and C.S. Lewis went for both schools! I Had never noticed that all these guys had abbreviations for first names until just now…hmmm.


 I have a sticker on the back window of my car: He>i. At first glance it appears to be “Heki” with a backwards “k” and integrated “i” (the design on the sticker is different than what is displayed here). Anyhow, I love that it takes a little bit of effort to figure it out. A well written story has the potential to do just that for the reader. “A worker’s appetite works for him; his mouth urges him on.” Proverbs 16:26 ESV


 I also enjoy speaking openly about the greatness of God, man’s depravity (because it identifies the need for God), and, the “coup de gras”,that God has provided a way there was none! The greatest story ever told!


It would be outside my familiarity to write stories and would take more of a developed skill. I am most familiar with a journal style of writing expression which I am sure is evident in this writing. I do like the idea of hiding nuggets of God’s truth and wisdom in a story for readers to find!


Does this crossroads sound familiar to anybody? Please share your story about how you came to writing stories/ poems / inspirationals …

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