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Prayers for daughter with pre-eclampsia.


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Our pastor and his wife are awaiting a new grandchild. The pregnancy has been difficult for the mother-to-be as well as the baby. I asked this morning which week of the 40 were they in. This has been a high risk pregnancy all along. They are at week 37. We have been praying for this little guy and his mother since we were told of  the pregnancy. We know God answers prayer. I will continue to pray for your daughter and her baby. Do you know if it's a boy or a girl. You don't have to share that with us if you don't feel comfortable doing so,

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Guest Spaulding

@zx1ninja Assuming she isn't in critical care, it is probably, (you'll want to ask first), possible to bring Christmas dinner. I also brought hubby his stocking when he was finally up to enough strength to enjoy it. (And then brought it back when he was out of quarantine and that was before Covid, so it dawns on me, you might really want to check first.) It's tedious being a patient so any special celebration is appreciated.

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Well, she's not worse, but not better. Which is not good with only one kidney. 


Was told tonight Monday baby will be 34 weeks and they will induce labor with plans on baby delivery Tuesday one way or another. 


All things look good, baby is strong and if it goes well baby may stay in nicu for a week or two and then go home. 


Thank you so very much for the continued prayers 🙏 

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