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Write A Story In 6 Words

Guest Keziah

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World peace starts in the soul.



Bread, wine--winning meal, transformed contents.



Jesus mediates by first hearing us.



Baptism rings true by staying wet.



Sovereignty only thrills the willing soul.



Truth is, Pilate, you questioned it. 



Unknown god, known Paul:  no debate.

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Guest Ramandu

Hi, everyone.  My screen name is Ramandu and I really enjoyed the challenge.  I'm actually here to become



a better writer and learn from others.  I am originally from Chicago and now live in Las Vegas.  I just found you and signed up yesterday.



I have a book on the market called "afterlife".  It is a Christian work of fiction.  It is not about what happens after



you die, but how your choices and God's provision affect which "afterlife" you choose to live out in this one.  It is a small book, more like



a Novella and now I'm working on a sequel.   Thanks, Lynn for the opportunity to introduce myself.

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