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Prayer Request

Guest Spaulding

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Guest Spaulding

About a decade ago, an MRI showed a suspicious growth on his kidney, along with some anomalies near it and his pancreas. The growth was a cyst, and something about it told then to remove it. Since he receives his medical care through the VA, (Veterans Affair), they had plans to cut a 13 inch incision from back to front to remove and a quarter of his kidney, and keeping him in that hospital for over a month. But he'd have to have a pre-op doctor's appointment ten days before that. During that meeting, there was an over-enthusiastic resident proving his knowledge, who told us about a new procedure called cryoablation. They'd numb the area, insert a needle to freeze it out, and bring it back for a biopsy. They did use it for something else in that hospital, but not on the kidney. With a lot of hustle, we got the hospital to do that to him.


The biopsy came back as cancerous. It doesn't get any better to find out you had cancer after it is all removed.


He got an MRI for the following five years, to make sure it didn't spread. After five years, he was declared cancer free. But there were those other anomalies on his kidney, and the one they were worried about for the future was his pancreas. And then COVID hit and his primary moved on, and he has had a couple substitutes since. There was only one person who remembered that other stuff.


And much to hubby's surprise I brought it up to one of the short-term primaries, because I was worried about the one on the pancreas. I should have worried about the ones on his kidney.


Anymore, doctors like to talk a lot without saying anything, (latest primary called, which isn't a good sign, but never said anything concrete except "oncology" and "urology"), but the reports can be found in his online chart and when the VA moves fast, it means something. The MRI was last week. His appointment with a urologist is Friday. And the what-ifs has hit for both of us. Please pray.

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Hey Spaulding,


I have felt your experience while reading your request, sorry for all that but, just want you to remember that only faith pleases God. 


God is walking with you both through this valley, just be strong to keep going forward in the faith, speaking life to him everytime. Like the others have said, will be praying for you both and his Healing and Deliverance. There's no sickness Jesus Christ can not heal, we will continue seeking His face and praying, because He's faithful. 


I also want you to know this, the same way Jesus brought life to the house of Mary and Martha, by bringing back Lazarus to life, He shall do for you in Jesus name. He may seem delayed to get you guys out of that position, but now is the time, I believe God wants you to meditate on this passage together with your husband, John 11.


He's the way maker God, He's the God who made the Heavens and the Earth and, through His only son our Lord, we posses and manifest His Glory through the power of the Gospel!. In Jesus name, Jesus Christ is bringing back life to your house as He brought life to the house of Mary and Martha, I will be praying for the Lord to remember your home. 


You will testify in Jesus name, Amen!



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Guest Spaulding

It's likely cancer, but it can come out with oblation again. When you get an oblation what is left gets tough skin, so operating was out. He was a oncology urologist, so he briefly hinted at cancer treatments, but since hubby already has a bad heart and lungs, just freeze it out. Sounded like he was apologizing, but we were thrilled.


Thank you, Lord, for simplest answer.


And thank yo for the prayer.

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