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Going into surgery tomorrow...

Toni Star

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Thank you everyone so much! Your prayers helped more than I can say. It was a testing experience, for sure. I learned a lot about trusting in God and about people in the medical profession. Most are very good but there are, as in any profession, bad apples. But on the whole, God's direction, protection and peace gave me comfort. Many thanks ! Toni 

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Thank you, Suspensewriter. Feeling better; healing is beginning and I know that I must be patient. Three things I have learned from surgery is God is always with me, speak up when needed and be patient with the healing. This has been one of the hardest things to do but also the most rewarding. 

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Hi everyone,


I wanted to give an update on my surgery outcome. I forgot to mention why I said that there were "two rotten apples" providing nursing care after surgery. There were two nurses that night following surgery the previous morning who gave terrible care. I was unable to move after surgery and when I placed a call for response, the response was given almost an hour later and this occurred several times that first night. I was in the dark, the door was closed and it was a frightening experience. I have never gone through anything like this before. I told a doctor's assistant about it and the surgeon checked into it the following day. When I talked with her a week later, she said that it was "taken care of." I was under the impression that the two nurses were either relocated in the hospital or they were discharged. The second night was better; the two nurses I had were responsive, helpful and kind. I pray that no one has to go through this; care after surgery should be given properly and with care.

Hope this information helps.



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