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Thanksgiving (No Fear)


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The year has turned the corner again,

And Thanksgiving time is near.

Where do I start, there's so much I could say

To each and every one I hold dear.


This thing that's called life, it ain't easy

But it's also a gift from above.

The only way I get through each day

Is by way of Almighty God's love.


Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate

And if there's only one thing I've learned,

It's that it doesn't really matter

If your company is late or the turkey is burned.


Right now if you're not feeling thankful,

I get it because I've been there too!

This world's a mess and you're sick of it all;

When will the earth be reborn anew?


But even in the midst of frustrations and trials,

The enemy can't staunch the flow

Of God's providential blessings

Even when you feel lower than low.


They say that it's darkest before the dawn

So when the light of hope dimmeth,

God will surely make it flicker again -

Just ask the pilgrims who were at Plymouth!


This joyful season is about much more

Than food and fun and all the things you have to do

And it isn't just what you are thankful for,

It's about Who you are thankful to.


For God commands us to be thankful

Each and every day of our lives.

And why not, He gives grace, love, and forgiveness;

For what else does the human heart strive?


Be still and know that He is God;

He does not forsake - He is here.

Above all I'm thankful for the still, small voice

That gently whispers, "No fear, no fear."

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