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Happy Thanksgiving!

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    I know I'm posting this is a few days early, but this year I'll be visiting my sister for Thanksgiving, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get on line, using her computer, early enough.

   In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask God the Father Almighty,  to send forth the Holy Spirit, and bless all of us members of christianwriters.com.  I ask that we will all have an enjoyable celebration this Holiday.  That we will all enjoy the Dinner, and have good, warm fellowship with all our families, friends, and neighbors.

   I also ask for a blessed Thanksgiving, to everyone we do not know.

   I also ask that we will all be healed of any and all afflictions, including everyone we do not know.

   In Jesus Name.  Amen.


Come, Ye Thankful People Come (with Lyrics) - Bing video

song lyrics%2Fcome ye thankful people - Bing video


song lyrics%2Fcome ye thankful people - Bing video

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Yes, William, have a fantastic Thanksgiving day with your sister.  And as for the rest of you, may you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving too!!  😊 My family and I will be spending this Thanksgiving with our pastor and his wife at their house.  But tomorrow, I have a Child Evangelism Fellowship Thanksgiving dinner to attend with all my ministry friends.  Yesterday, my boss cleared me to go, based on the timeframe that I was sick.  I'm feeling great now, praise God, so I'm really looking forward to it.  Hoping and praying that a good friend of mine, whom I haven't seen since July, will be there too.

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William, have a blessed time visiting your sister, Enjoy the time you spend together.  My husband and I will be having a small Thanksgiving day meal, just the two of us. Our son will come in on Saturday. Then we will have the traditional meal. Our son will be staying Saturday night and will go to church with me on Sunday. We well have a rather special lunch before he will head back to where he lives. 


Tomorrow, our church will host a Community Thanksgiving Dinner for anyone who wants to come. In the past, I have tried to serve at the actual dinner but this year didn't think I could. I went this afternoon and did some preparatory  work. I rolled plastic silverware in napkins. (Not much, but someone had to do it,)

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