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Further Up and Further In!

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One of my favorite scenes in all of the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis comes at the tail end of The Last Battle, the epilogue to the entire series. The last chapter of The Last Battle is called "Farewell to the Shadowlands;" its overriding theme is: "Further Up and further in!"


I've not read Lewis' thoughts about this ending to the book and series. Generally, the scene is Lewis' vision of reaching Heaven, but I feel like the whole theme has such a deeper application for us: spiritual maturity.


Spiritual maturity is a topic that I've been dealing with a lot recently, both as a pastor and as an author. It seems every day, I'm looking at some ridiculous situation in the church and crying out in my head "If only you could go further up and further in and discover the deeper parts of your faith and of the intimacy that your God desires with you!"


And then in my own writing, I repeat the same thing back to myself: just put your head down and dig in to this thing that God has called you to do! Finish it; accomplish it; stop being distracted by all this other stuff and complete what God has called you to do.


So, just a random thought of encouragement today, both from me AND for me: keep pushing further up and further in!

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This reminds me of a men's group that I used to be part of, the biggest problem among them was that of the Father role of God. So many people equate their personal experience with their earthly father with God as Father and so they end up keeping him at arms length. They are confident to call him Lord, Saviour or even Master, but find it hard to move into that truly intimate relationship with God as Abba Father. I suspect that with the way society and family culture is now, that it may be even more of a problem these days with both men and women.


What a comforting idea, that we could come boldly into the throne room and stand before the throne, crawl up into our daddy's lap and say "I need you and He would say, I'm here for you my child, you are safe in my hand. There is often a subtle indication, which is not always the rule, but when you listen to people pray, you hear how they address God, whether it's God, Lord or Father, could possibly indicate at what level their relationship is with God.


These men that I worked with eventually found that once they were able to move past their misconceptions of God and move into that inner intimate sphere of relationship with God and can truly accept Him as Father, that they could finally come into the full realization of their own identity in Christ as a child of God, a royal heir and a child of the king, it's easy to say, but hard a road to come to full acceptance. 

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