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Hi all - sorry (maybe) for the computer coding joke* in my Meet & Greet title.


I am an avid fan of C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, as I know many are, and also Lord of the Rings.  Add in my love for sci-fi (Voltron, Transformers G1, Star Wars, etc), other fantasy series, and cop dramas, and it was pretty much a given that I drifted towards fantasy fiction as my area of writing.


Although I am not a published author, I started seriously writing in the summer of 2016.  At the moment, I write what is called fanfiction - that is, fiction based on already published works.  Can't earn anything doing that, but the experience is invaluable and I definitely have a lot of fun.  I do hope to reach the point where I write original fiction and I think I'm getting closer, but I want to finish the fanfiction series/journey that I've been writing for five and a half years now.


For anyone who is interested, I post on two fanfiction sites (Fanfiction.net and ArchiveOfOurOwn.org) under the same penname I've used here.  Ao3 has a bit better organization; rather than writing a story larger than Goliath, I write stories that link together in a series, just like a TV show.  My primary fandom is Flashpoint, a Canadian cop drama that came south to the US of A during the writer's strike way back in 2008.  And because I'm a bit of an odd duck, I took this cop drama and created a cross-over with Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and BBC's Merlin.


Outside of my writing (and reading), I tend towards RPG video games - as long as they aren't too dark, gory, or horror.  Used to play World of Warcraft until I started putting more time into my writing.


Let's see...what else...?  Oh, I read a couple other introduction threads and I know there's someone who likes to ask what a new person's favorite sweet is.  Mine is s'mores.  Three sweets in one, plus the fun of trying to roast the perfect marshmallow over a fire pit.


I usually tend to be shy, quiet, and keep to myself, so I'll probably be more of a lurker, but I'm trying to learn to grow as a person and as a writer.  I also have some questions that I've encountered recently that I'm searching for the answers for; I'll probably post about that in another part of the forum, though, so I don't want to litter up your Meet & Greet area.


Keep the Peace!



* The joke being that virtually every single computer programmer starts off with a 'Hello World' program - whether voluntarily or because that's what the instructor uses as the first coding tutorial.


By the way, I've run across some forums where you can use a spoiler tag to hide things (like explaining the Hello World joke), but I wasn't sure if this forum has tags like that.  Is there a guide anywhere for that sort of thing?

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4 hours ago, sunstarunicorn said:

Oh, I read a couple other introduction threads and I know there's someone who likes to ask what a new person's favorite sweet is.  Mine is s'mores. 

LOL, you've already known me this fast?! That's illegal!


Haha, anyway, welcome though! And here is your welcome present... 😄







(S'mores bar! 😄)










Here's some *unlimited* water to wash down all that...stuff...



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We seem to have a bit in common.  I also enjoy fanfiction and WoW.  But I'm trying to spend more time on writing, particularly more beneficial Christian studies, so I've set allotted less time in my schedule to other interests.  Looking forward to chatting more.

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