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Looking for a Co-Host... or 2! Podcast, anyone?

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Hi, everyone. I'm not often on here, so I hope this doesn't look like spam... I am wanting to put a podcast together on Fantasy Writing/Bookish things. My current podcast (The Word & The Glass) was recently picked up by The Biblical and Reformed podcast network (same network as the Just Thinking and Antithesis guys!) and the one before that (The Great American Urban Legend) had over 30k downloads and was creeping up on 7k followers, was in the top 20% of podcasts (yes, all podcasts), and charted on Apple's Top 100 Podcasts multiple times... I am wanting to do a host/co-host type format where we talk shop, writing, inspiration etc. as well as have guest authors for "author profiles", launch support, etc... I just think it'd be really fun! But, I'm thinking it'd work better with 2 people... So hey, if you're interested, holler back at me!


A few obvious caveats:

1. Thought it won't necessarily need to be a Christian or family show, there will be no language (from the hosts)

2. Nothing explicit or sexual

3. No politics or anything divisive (we get more than enough of that elsewhere)

4. When/if Patreon, Ad revenue, sponsorships, merch/apparel come into the picture, we will definitely need to work up a bit more of a business contract, but for now, it should just be a fun time with fellow writers!




P.S. I hope I'm not breaking any rules here... definitely not trying to "sell" or "promote" myself in anyway. Just wanted to give you all a bit of where I come from as far as the podcasting world.  


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Hey all, sorry I've been absent! Apparently I don't have notifications on (I actually don't ever have them on for anything) but I figured I would have seen SOMETHING showing that there were responses to this!


So, my most humble apologies...


I went ahead and started a podcast called The Storyteller's Saga where I interview authors and discuss their upcoming projects. I am 4 episodes in and so far it is going very well! I actually already got a sponsorship offer and have gotten 150 downloads so far (if you know anything about podcasts, this is good. Podcasts are a SLOW jam... your numbers only count if your entire episode is listened to.... and with long-form content (my episodes are running about 45 mins to an hour) it is HUGE when you get these numbers. 


So, it is growing... that's good! I made the decision to go solo, because of time differences and creative rights. I was advised to do so, as having co-hosts or multiple co-hosts could impact creative direction/decisions, as well as get kind of funky when I go to monetize it. 


Though, I'm still not entirely opposed to the idea if I were to find the right fit. 


Jeff, I'd love to have you on to discuss your new book! 


And anyone else who would like to come on! 


I have begun cross promotions with the authors that I have on and have directly impacted their reach, so that is fun and a blessing to be able to do so. I am not charging anything for this, obviously, it's just good to cross promote! 


I am really only active on Instagram, so please feel free to go check out what I've been doing and hit my up on DM if you'd like to schedule a session. December is already recorded so I am setting up episode interviews for January now. 


Also, even if you don't have a project coming up, but just want to come on and discuss process and writing in general, hit me up! It's been SO much fun so far and I'm just getting started!


Hit me up over there @micahcampbellwrites on Instagram, or really you can even email me if you're not on Insta.


I'll try to keep a better eye on this thread, as well!

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