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We help writers publish their books and provide a friendly and helpful service at affordable prices.
We will manage this project on your behalf and the publication of your book will also be supported by a number of our specialist colleagues. From only £150, our experienced editorial team will work with you to produce a professional-quality book that readers can enjoy anywhere in the world. If Amazon is where you want to be, then let us take you there!


So basically they're just another vanity publisher. As a self-published author, I loathe them. These types of publishers want you to pay for things you can do for free. If Amazon is where you want to be? You can do it yourself for no cost in a matter of minutes.


As for Steven Berkoff's endorsement? They helped him publish one book back in 2013, which languished with an awful, armature-looking cover. If this is any example of this publisher's talent, then stay away!  

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I'm using EBook Launch (ebooklaunch.com).  They did my cover (I did a cover reveal post - you can check it out), and I'm having them do my interior formatting.  I have had noting but good comments about my cover.


This is my first time doing this, so I'll be able to tell you more about the final formatting.


I did my own formatting for my promo PDF, which I will be distributing soon.  While it isn't difficult to do, there are standards for print formatting, and various format files that you need to create.  I just wanted to have someone do this and be done with it.

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