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Which way do I go?

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My serial/series is third-person-limited with as much close-third as possible.


Still struggling with the beginning of the second book. In three paragraphs or less, I can tell the very basics of setting, group of characters, and initial problem, but in omnipotent, which changes my whole third-person-limited decision.


Or I could make it sort of a prologue, but still in three paragraphs or less, it only goes back three days, and still omni, not third-person? It feels like I'm breaking the author's promise, but only for three paragraphs and I cannot come up with another way to show there is a caravan of over 5000 who have to cross Philadelphia's Broad Street without getting run over.


Okay? Not okay? What do you think?

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I think a prologue would be fine! 


I haven't read your book series, so this is the best advice I can give: You could also have the first part written out in a letter or journal entry. Maybe even have it written out like it's a blog post or something? 


The other way is to have it told through conversation.


I hope my answer has made sense and is helpful in some way. 

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@starrydragonWell, why haven't you...? 🤭


Just kidding. 😆


It does make sense. And since my first book was done, (but not published yet), before I came here, and I've been stuck on this one for a long time, no one on here has read it. See?


You already fit in. Thank you and welcome to Christian Writers.

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Still smacking my head against the wall, so I told hubby about my problem. (He's not into fiction, so I don't usually tell him where I am in writing.) When I told him, "in three paragraphs or less," he came up with an obvious solution.


"Write like Paul." 😆

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