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Need some advice


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I have an appointment with an editor at Scrivenings Press. I haven't spoken with an editor before, and honestly, I'm not sure I want to go the traditionally pubbed route anyway. I'm just wondering what those of you who have been around the block a few times would talk with an editor/agent about if you had an appointment. It seemed too good an opportunity to pass up since the appointment was part of the cost of the conference I'm attending, but I'm a little at a loss as to what I should even ask her. I do have a ms that is complete and in the hands of beta readers, so I could definitely send that. I guess I'm just looking for the benefit of your knowledge.


Thanks all!

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    It might be helpful if you send the editor a message, explaining that this will be your first time speaking with an editor.  Tell him or her that you want to be fully prepared.  Then ask what he or she wants to discuss.  I'm sure the editor will be glad to let you know ahead of time.


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I haven't been around that block, but obvious question -- why are you meeting with this editor? I'd start there.


And, since you're not sure about trad. pub., why not talk about why you aren't sure, to see what she offers? I am assuming she's out to talk you into going with them.


I also know, we're supposed to get some time to think over the offer. Hopefully, you get some response from those who have been around this block to know how much time. But there is the obvious you can do to prepare for this -- pray.


And, yo! Very cool!

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