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Babies are absolutely sweet.


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And now, I must adoringly talk of one in my church. 😄 I'm calling him Timothy for the sake of privacy.


Earlier tonight, I had come upstairs from the women gathering downstairs to pray (every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, we do prayer, and the men and women split up) when I saw Timothy being hauled along by his aunt (she's seven...haha). After a few moments, she put him down and called one of the other kids nearby to come outside to play. So I went about my usual game with Timothy--tag. Or so he thinks it's tag.


He was born with some complications; so he ended up walking much later than babies are expected to walk (also nonverbal; he points to wherever he wants to go if someone's carrying him, thus making him bossy...haha). He didn't officially learn to walk on his own until maybe March or April of this year, but the way he runs...Oh, my. He's still at a walking speed, just maybe a bit faster, and his arms are positioned like a runner's. It's hilarious. (And what's there not to love about the giggling and squealing when you say you're chasing him??)


Anyhow, I "caught up" to him and swooped him up, then asked for a kiss. (His version is with the lips pucked out and the leaning of the head forward to plant it on the cheek...haha.) Then I resumed another game of tag with him until I had to leave. I told him I was leaving and got down to his level so I could hug him. He hugged me and put his head on my shoulder for a moment.



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Having raised a son with special needs, I can identify with what Ky. girl is saying. Our son is into middle age, lives on his own and works from his home in southern Indiana. My best friend used to baby-sit him. She reminds me that she has a lot of respect for him because of how far he has come. 


This little boy will continue to b a blessing to all who get to know him. 

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