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Prayers please

RockyMtn Gal

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I have a serious prayer request if ya'll would be so kind.


There is someone in the family, close relation, that is currently in detox. It was bad enough that they had to send him to the sick/psych ward for a time.

The good news is, he got help, the bad news is that I know if God doesn't intervene he'll go right back to the drink, and I suspect that he won't go to detox again.


Based on his symptoms beforehand I am convinced he only had months before he "drowned" himself. He would be leaving his wife, a mother who needs constant care, and a grandbaby who adores him. 


He knows what he is doing is wrong, and has voiced how ashamed he is, but again I also know he will go right back to it given the opportunity and probably hide it for as long as he can as is typical for someone struggling with alcoholism.

He says he knows Jesus, but I wonder if his conversion is true based on my observations. Regardless if he is a goat or a stray sheep, he has been trying to do life without God and on his own terms and this is where it got him.


I believe this is his last wake-up call.


Please pray that Christ will change his heart, that he will get the help he needs upon his return to stay clean, and however else the Spirit leads you to pray for him.



In  other news, several of you prayed for my healing dealing with Lymes's etc. While I'm not 100%, and may never be after being ravaged by such a sinister disease for so long, I have experienced a measure of healing.

Thanks be to Jesus, and thank to you all who interceded for me!


Thank you!

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Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry about the Lyme's. I'm so glad you are some better. Praise the Lord for that. Praying for you and your relative. May the Lord continue to woo his heart and may his eyes and heart be opened to receive the Lord. I hope he will also join AA. I pray this verse for those not yet realizing they have a heavenly Father who loves them...


“Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” (2 Kings 6:17 NKJV)


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