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Illyrian Blues / Chapter 5

William D'Andrea

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Illyrian Blues

Chapter 5


     The doorbell rang, waking Wesley up, as he sat in the chair beside the desk, still holding the crucifix.
     I dozed off? He thought. For how long?
     The door to Winifred's room remained shut. He heard no sound coming from behind it.
     He called out, "Just a moment!" as he got up from the desk, and went to the front door.
     He asked, "Who's there?"
     "It's Harmony Wes!"
     He opened the door, with the crucifix raised. The blonde vampire receptionist raised her hand, blocking her view of what he was holding.
     "Will you cut it out Wes. You'd think I can't be trusted or something."
     "Not tonight Harmony. Not you, nor Winifred."
     She stepped into the room and he shut the door.
     He told her, "After this however, I'm going to be dependent upon you Harmony, to teach her how to control her bloodlust, the way you control yours."
     "Yeah. Right."
     Then she said, "I came back, thinking I'd run into Freddie girl, who'd be coming to meet me. I didn't meet anyone. I guess she's taking time getting dressed, isn't she?"
     Now the bedroom door opened a crack.
     "Harmony?" It was Winifred's voice, not Illyria's . "Have you brought me some blood?"
     "No Freddie gal! That's not what I'm here for."
     "Why not?" The woman's voice trembled, "Wesley said you would."
     "It's okay girl!" Harmony called out happily. "This is even better! I'm taking you hunting with me. I mean shopping for pigs' blood with me."
     Winifred sounded tearful. "I can't go anywhere with you Harmony! I can't go outside and have people see me this way!"
     "It's okay Freddie! All you got to do is retract your fangs, and nobody'll notice anything different."
     "Yes they will Harmony!"
     Wesley sighed, "Winifred has turned blue Harmony, just like you did. She also became Illyria for a time."
     Winifred began to sing.

"Am I blue!
Am I blue!
Ain't these tears
In my eyes
Telling you?"

     Harmony said, "This just isn't your night, is it Wes?"
     "The worst of my life."
     Now Harmony called out, "How hungry are you Freddie?"
     "Hungry enough to kill Wesley!"
     The blonde woman smiled at Wesley and clapped her hands together. "Then both of our problems are solved girl!"
     He raised the crucifix. Harmony stopped smiling and took two steps back, while shielding her eyes again. Then the lowered the object.
     "You know Wes." Harmony was peeved. "It'd simplify things for you too. If I make you a vampire, then you and Freddie can get married, and be undead happily ever after."
     The bedroom door opened a little wider.
     Winifred said, "It sounds good to me. What do you say Wesley?"
     He hesitated.
     Then he said, "I've made enough very bad decisions tonight. I don't want to make any more. I'll have to think this over."
     The bedroom door opened wide. Winifred stepped out into the living room, still splotchy blue in color, but also fully clothed.
     She said, "You know I love you Wesley."
     He said, "I know that Winifred Berkel does. The thing is, that I wouldn't only be married to you. My wife would also be Illyria."
     Harmony spoke sharply, "No she won't Wes!"
     The receptionist resumed the haughty demeanor. Her skin and hair were splotchy blue again.
     "From now on," she announced, "I will be Illyria!"
     Wesley again raised the crucifix. Harmony shielded her eyes with her hand once more.
     Winifred spoke, "That's not necessary Wes. I can wait 'til our wedding night."
     Her skin had resumed it's natural color.
     Then she spoke to the splotchy blue woman, "Okay Illyria, we're both hungry, so let's go hunting. Harmony said that she knows some places in Mexico."
     "Now you're talking Freddie girl." Harmony was herself again. She had also resumed her natural color.
     Wesley moved between both women and the front door, holding the crucifix.
     "No!" He told them, "I can't let either of you leave!"
     Harmony shouted, "We're both hungry Wes!"
     "It's okay Harm!" Winifred said happily. "We can go out through my bedroom window, and down the fire escape!"
     Then both women rushed into the bedroom. Winifred stood at the door for a moment.
     She asked, "You want us to bring you anything back Wes?"
     "Winifred? Harmony?"
     The receptionist again spoke in a haughty manner. "I told you to address me as Illyria!"
     Winifred said, "When you leave Wes, remember to turn off all the lights and lock the door."
     Then she shut the bedroom door.
     In the living room, Wesley heard footsteps ringing, as both vampire women descended the fire escape outside Winifred's bedroom window.
     He wondered, "'Love is never having to say you're sorry'?"
     He lowered the crucifix, and remained leaning with his back against the door to Winifred Berkel's apartment.
     I'm a man in love, who is one sorry fellow.
     Then Wesley Wyndham-Pryce the Third began to sing.

"Am I blue!
Am I blue!
Ain't these tears
In my eyes
Telling you?"


End of Story

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